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  1. Sent invite messages to your personal messages on this forum for the invite to our league and instructions. Pretty much its first come first serve. The 3 spots are still open as of now. This is also a free league by the way.
  2. Just sent all three of you guys a message on here with info on how to register.
  3. Competitive H2H MLB Keeper League entering 13th season is looking for 3 new managers. We are trying to get back to 16 teams. Last year we had 14 teams due to some last minute teams quitting. We cleared out some dead weight perpetually inactive teams after the season. So this year we want to get back to 16 teams. We already have 2 new teams that have committed. We still need 3 new managers. League Settings for 2019: Roster: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util SP, SP, SP, SP, RP RP, P Bn, Bn, Bn, Bn, Bn, NA, NA, NA, DL, DL, DL Scoring: HR, R, RBI, SB, OBP, SLG W, K, SV, HLD, WHIP, ERA Daily Roster Changes Minimum Innings Pitched Requirement: 26 League is hosted on Yahoo We conduct an offline, 20 round draft on our message board. The 21st spot is added after the draft is concluded through waivers. Since this is a keeper league, we are holding a pre-main draft keeper draft for the five new teams. Somewhat of an expansion draft. I'm not counting up all of the players available in the keeper draft, but it's a significant amount. Their are plenty of top assets available. Players came from the 3 exiting teams, plus four to five players from each of the 11 returning teams end of season roster. There is plenty to choose from to build a core. Our keeper system is as follows: Teams can keep up to eight players. The round that a player was originally drafted in determines their keeper cost. Example: If Cole Hamels was declared as a keeper and he was drafted in Round 5, he would cost the team in the following draft their 5th round pick. Undrafted players are given a Round 20 designation if declared as a keeper. After 3 years of consecutive years kept at a specific value, players' value cost increases. That's the general jist of it. The league is pretty competitive and active. We typically have quite a few trades take place. Especially closer to the deadline. The format we use really makes being active in the buyers/sellers market very important. Couple requests we have for any prospective new teams: *Have the ability to get email notifications instantly to a phone to know that it is your pick in the draft, or have regular computer access through out the day. New managers are on a short leash, if you vanish during the draft for a week without either sending the commish a prerank list of players to autodraft for you or without saying anything, don't be surprised if you get replaced. *We prefer experienced baseball managers that are planning on being a part of the league for the long haul. *We want new managers to be from either the US or Canada. *Time limits during the draft is typically 12 hours. Eventually we speed it up and bump it to 8 hours. Any other questions feel free to ask! If possible, I would like to get our new manager expansion draft started Feb 1st if we get the 3 people needed by then. Our main league draft will happen a few days after the conclusion of the expansion draft.
  4. Had 4 people express interest. Two have fully followed through so far. I still would like two more managers. If interested, its imperative that you get signed up to our forum where the offline slow draft takes place and along with the yahoo league. So again, anyone else interested shoot me a message and I'll send you the details.
  5. Sent you a league invite, and a personal message on here with details on where to register for our offline board draft. Still need a few more people.
  6. H2H NBA Keeper League entering 16th season looking for new managers. We currently are sitting at 12 active managers. We would like to get 2 to 4 new longterm managers. FG% FT% 3PTM PTS REB AST STL BLK G G G F F F C UTL BN BN BN IL IL Returning managers can keep up to 3 players. Anyone keeping less than the max of 3 keepers receive a lottery round pick per unused keeper slot. Lottery round starts the draft, followed by regular serpentine style rounds. All new managers will receive 3 lottery picks due to no keepers. New managers also will receive 1 competitive balance pick after the lottery round. League is played on Yahoo. We draft offline on a seperate message board. We also host other well established keeper leagues, Baseball/Football. 12 hrs per pick in early rounds, 8 hrs per pick late rounds. Prefer new managers to be from US/Canada to help speed up the drafting process. We begin drafting on Sept 16th.