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  1. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    I'll never forget the amount of people who screamed from the rooftops "Sell high on Gurley, look at his playoff schedule!" or "Trade Gurley for McCoy!" last season. You don't sell elite players. Hill is set and forget, regardless of matchup. Selling the #1 WR in the best offense in the league (who also have to make up for their bad defense) is ridiculous, especially considering his schedule isn't even that bad.
  2. Corey Davis 2018 Outlook

    It's already happened this season, against the Eagles. That game was made for him as many people predicted and he delivered. Next week against the Chargers has a decent chance of being the same. Unless the Titans magically transform themselves into a great offense then he's completely match up dependent, so it depends on your roster and what you need. Week to week there'll probably be players with a better floor on waivers, but Davis is the main guy on an inconsistent team so there'll be more weeks when he puts up big numbers.
  3. What do you need for SNF/MNF?

    Yeah, your scenario seems a lot more likely than mine. Yahoo gives me a 25% chance and that sounds about right.
  4. What do you need for SNF/MNF?

    In one of my leagues i need 55 points in half-PPR from Michael Thomas, Mark Ingram, and Chris Thompson. It's realistic yet very unlikely.
  5. Pick 3 WRs to start this week. WHIR

    Williams Godwin Davis Davis over Baldwin not just because of Baldwin's injury issues but because Davis is now the Titan's clear #1 receiver, Mariota is healthy, and the Eagles have been giving up plenty of points to receivers (10th most in standard, Cardinals are 26th). This game is made for Davis to have a big one.
  6. Pick up Greg Olsen?

    I picked him up off waivers to put in my IR spot in one league (presumably his owner didn't realise we had an IR spot) and he's taking up a bench spot in the league i drafted him. In both these leagues my current TE is David Njoku but previously i'd been using Eifert and Watson with little joy. With how poor the options are for decent TEs this year, if you can spare the spot then i think he's definitely worth holding on to. Reports suggest he could be back within the next couple of weeks and with how good the Panthers are looking this season he could be really valuable again. If he's healthy enough to play, i'd be surprised if he doesn't get his usual amount of snaps/targets.
  7. 9/23/18 - Bears @ Cardinals Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Maybe i've become too spoilt by the abundance of QB's who can run when they need to nowadays, but Bradford on that play looked like somebody who's never played football in their entire life. It was almost comical.
  8. New Dynasty League Looking For Owners

    The draft is scheduled for a in a couple of the league going to be filled?
  9. Hi, I'm putting together a money league primarily aimed at international players (though anybody is welcome), as neither Leaguesafe or Yahoo Cash allow players outside of USA/Canada. 12 team ESPN PPR snake draft league with a $25 entry fee. Top 3 payout., a sponsor of Fantasy Pros, allows players regardless of location and payments by PayPal. Draft Wednesday at 9pm UK/CET. Cheers
  10. New Dynasty League Looking For Owners

    I've sent you a PM.