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  1. This sounds like a horrendous league designed to create such frustration.
  2. Chubb.....who's going to have Kareem Hunt returning soon to potentially create the scenario Jones owners are so scared of, only worse. Now there's a decent "sell high" candidate. I'd trade away Chubb for Jones if given that offer.
  3. Every time i see somebody push this "sell high" narrative after a standout performance i remember Gurley's MVP candidate year where this idea went into overload and anybody foolish enough to listen was kicking themselves. It's the most lazy, overused piece of advice going.
  4. At least a lot of Bell owners were able to handcuff him with Conner. No such option for DJ.
  5. Delanie Walker will be 35 next year. Unless something drastic changes, he'll also be playing in a horrid offense with an average at best QB. I drafted Walker this year, but i'll be steering well clear, there'll be plenty of better options. If Olsen doesn't return, Ian Thomas could be an awesome draft.
  6. Standard (12 team): Finished top of regular season (11-3) with highest season point total in the league's 5 year history (2 years in a row, surpassing my previous record). Also had the highest single week total in league history. Lost the championship game by 9 points. Half-PPR (12 team): Finished 3rd (8-5) after post draft projection of 12th (3-10). Lost in first round, won consolation to finish 5th overall. PPR (14 team superflex IDP): Won division (9-4) with highest season point total in the entire league. Lost the championship game by 15 points. The stinker from Philip Rivers really cost me here, but it is what it is. Despite no championship this year, overall i'm happy with how i did especially as this was my first year managing more than one team and playing with IDPs.
  7. Tom Brady was average and underwhelming at best all season long. The fact that so many people stuck with him instead of just streaming QB's based on matchup is a perfect example of name value rather than what's actually happening on the field. The same reason he got voted into the Pro Bowl.
  8. CJA already has 14 pts in standard. Like a lot of people i have him on my bench but he's going to help some ballsy people win a championship this year.
  9. Trubisky just turned around and passed the ball backwards only for it to be fumbled................when he was literally just a yard away from simply running for the first down.
  10. Well yeah. A "stud" to me is a set and forget player. I've never thought that about Rivers (or some other QBs ahead of him this year) and judging by expert rankings this week and throughout the year not many people do. He had an ECR of 17 this week. A "stud" shouldn't ever be ranked that low, QB6 or not.
  11. Or perhaps redefine "stud", because i don't think many people would consider Rivers to be one.
  12. Gronk has been s--- all season. Ertz has been good all season. How is both those things happening as usual "100% luck"?