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  1. We are the Champions!

    Won the championship. Thanks to CMC, Damien & Samuels (TE). Congrats to all other champions.
  2. Damien Williams 2018 Outlook

    Williams, especially in ppr. He's in a explosive offense.
  3. DeAndre Hopkins 2018 Outlook

    GTD according to Rappaport.
  4. Isaiah McKenzie 2018 Outlook

    Might be rolling this guy out there in the championship because of a certain receiver being suspended. This is a decent spot for him? Am I missing something?
  5. James Washington 2018 Outlook

    Would this guy take over the slot role if Jujus ruled out? Or would it be someone else?
  6. Todd Gurley II 2018 Outlook

    I see what you're trying to do in this particular scenario. But in a different scenario would you rather face a guy starting Williams or Kelly(Gurley being ruled out)? I'd rather face Williams, so I'm going to go for Kelly first.
  7. Jared Goff 2018 Outlook

    How bad would this dude be if they didn't line up early and have McVay telling him what the defense is trying to do. RIP for those that played him in the playoffs.
  8. 1) Workload/Opportunity 2) Matchup 3) Talent In that order. There are a few guys in the league with talent above all. But everyone else is about the same. Some just with better situations then others.
  9. Damien Williams 2018 Outlook

    There was some dude on here that said that Damien Williams was a JAG but Ware was something special.
  10. Damien Williams 2018 Outlook

    A JAG with a great opportunity.
  11. Damien Williams 2018 Outlook

    Ware is definitely nothing special.
  12. Josh Reynolds 2018 Outlook

    Rolling this guy out with Goff at home. Normal Goff home game means Reynolds has a 10 point floor against a bad secondary.
  13. Jaylen Samuels 2018 Outlook

    Quick pick up Ridley
  14. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    Dropping for Develin.
  15. Jaylen Samuels 2018 Outlook

    Still all this whining? I’ve never in my life seen so many grown men whining. Embarrassing themselves. If you’re a grown man: Stop Whining. If you’re not grown or a man: carry on.