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  1. I'm looking at it from a flex perspective. I like having a guy like this in my flex. For others I could see why you wouldn't.
  2. First one was difficult. But the second and third were inexcusable. This should of been another blowup game. You can't bench this dude. In any week he can go off and win your week.
  3. Williams has earned 5 more touches a game from this coaching staff for the sit down at the end of the game.
  4. Yeah Mattison has been productive. But when the game is on the line or close, it's been all Dalvin from what I've seen.
  5. Hopefully we can unleash this WR1 next week. The one we got in the 6th round or later.
  6. This Gurley situation seems like it's Doug Baldwin all over again.
  7. Anyone getting Doug Baldwin vibes here?
  8. What does that mean? His time is coming to an end?
  9. The barrier is he’s not the first or second option on any plays. Watch Jameis he’s never looking in Howard’s direction. Unfortunately for me and many others, Herndon is down and I have to keep starting this dude.
  10. Coleman Gallup Everett You will be able to trade Coleman or Gallup for a better TE, if you need one.
  11. Is everyone picking up Edmonds? Want to pick up someone else from the waivers but we’re in a bad spot here.
  12. Probably similar to week 1 given his rust. Hopefully he can do more than that.
  13. Baker Manziel is weighing everybody down.
  15. What changes for OJ’s situation though? Derrick Henry was fed towards the end. Are you saying OJ gets fed towards the end of the season? He’s not the first or second read on any plays in this offense. Watch Jameis he doesn’t even look OJs way at all.