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  1. 10 team standard gave Carlos Hyde recieved Golden Tate
  2. Nagy is the worst coach in the world as a Howard owner. It’s literally painful to watch a bears game.
  3. Who would you start two two Howard or Ajayi. I’m kinda leaning toward Howard on Monday Night.
  4. Anyone nervous about being playing Green Bay this week.
  5. Anybody see Ajayi s celebration with Wentz. Great sign.
  6. Theoretically you could franchise a player indefinitely. The rule doesn’t mention anything about a 3 year franchise tag max. And it outlines the way compensation for more years of franchise tags could be set up. In bells case if they were to franshise him next year it would cost the Steelers 17.64 mil.
  7. Let’s say he does report today and proceeds to have a top five season Steelers can slap him with the franchise tag again next year. I think he’s gonna play some hardball.
  8. For those shopping conners what kind of receiver s are you getting
  9. Hyde Ajayi or Conner for flex standard league