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  1. We may be looking at an Andrew Luck situation again here soon.
  2. doesn't it enlarge your spleen? So if you come back too early and get hit and it ruptures, that would be life threatening?
  3. So what's the expectation for AP given the starter's role and 15-18 carries per game? Looking at his game log last year it was pretty much a coin flip- 8 good games, 8bad games. Same coin flip to expect now? A decent match-up dependent Flex play?
  4. agreed- if you don't want to get thrown on a tackle, put on some weight
  5. hopefully just a throwaway game- one of the worst NFL games I've seen in a while. Felt like preseason since it effectively was a preseason game, which is absurd. If I had a nickel for every time I've yelled 'run the **** ball' at my TV I'd be rich. Can only hope it sinks in at some point for Nagy because it is absolutely exasperating watching that team, even last year when they were playing "well".
  6. Why did they invest a 1st round pick on Hayden Hurst?
  7. they're both pretty much a zero for the passing game so it comes down to who is more likely to score a TD I think. I'd go Howard- seems like the Bears are starting to figure out their running game a bit plus the Raiders feel like it's a letdown spot along with an early east coast game, OL injuries, etc
  8. Need to pick one for tonight- also consider that I have Keenan Allen as my WR1- too many eggs in one basket with Jackson?
  9. Getting ready to use a blindfold and a dart- please help! Non-PPR: S Michel @PIT D Martin @ CIN J Howard vs. GB J Wilson Jr vs. SEA J Jackson @KC D Williams vs. LAC
  10. Gurley/Conner/Michel owner who thought I was on easy street a couple weeks ago but now that's been blown up. Need to pick 2 RBs out of the following for my championship matchup: Michel @ PIT (2 mediocre games in a row, tough matchup) Ware vs. LAC (will he be healthy enough by Thursday night?) Howard vs. GB (showed signs of life this week, good matchup, but can you really trust him?) Wilson Jr vs. SEA (I have no idea about him) Martin vs. CIN (has been decent, plus matchup) J Jackson vs. KC (assuming Ekeler and Gordon are out, good matchup; have K Allen as my WR1 though) Help! This feels like a dart throw to me!