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  1. I really hope so. He's not my only but he's my best
  2. I've read some of it too. Picked him up yesterday. I have the room to hold him for a couple weeks. I'd only pick him up if you truly have the room.
  3. They just run him inside on obvious running downs over and over. It's quite annoying. Then mckissic comes in and the run him outside and nice little design screens. Yet do the exact opposite with kerryon
  4. Surprised it's dead in here. He's doing pretty damn good in ppr and 1 hammy away from dominating
  5. I'd definitely play Jacobs n Carson. Unless raiders have a really bad matchup
  6. Wouldn't say all that but maybe for a quarter or alil more. He's definitely more talented
  7. Yup It was tossed in front of Rodgers meaning pass. Vs a pitch that goes behind him like on a hb toss