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  1. I like this trade if you go this route. I’d be on the side of waiver wiring it though. Looks like his injury is on the more minor end and may miss 3ish weeks. Help on mine?
  2. Do you think Keenan Allen is worth buying low on or do you think the chargers offense is doomed?
  3. If Adams, MVS, and Allison sit I would go Lazard. Otherwise, cue up Scary Terry. Mine?
  4. Thanks for your thoughts on mine. I think to get Barkley, it will cost you Kielce and then some. It’s the only position of need for him.
  5. I like either Tate or Pettis. Both going against some pass defenses giving up 250+ yards per game. help on mine?
  6. Full PPR. 10 team league. I am currently 4-2 but have worked my butt off through a series of trades after some serious draft duds (still stuck with juju ). Let me know your thoughts and I will certainly help on your threads in return. QB: Russell Wilson WR: Edelman, Lockett, Hilton, Chark, Smith Schuster RB: David Johnson, Bell, Jacobs, Hyde, Edmonds, L. Murray TE: Waller K: Butker D/ST: 49ers
  7. I agree with boredster. If you’re really feelin it, you could try to sell super high on hooper given that waller is a serviceable replacement and already threw his bye. You may get someone to give you something real solid. Help on mine?
  8. Kittle and Kirk for me. Kittle is in a more consistently good offense and Ridley has a lot of competition. Help on mine?
  9. Can you get L. Murray to cover a week or two of Kamara being down? I would keep Kamara long term. help on mine?
  10. Hey guys. Full PPR 10 team league. Just need a little advice on the flex spot this week. All three seem like viable candidates for sure. Rest of team: QB: Russell Wilson WR: Lockett, Edelman, Chark, Hilton, Smith-Schuster RB: David Johnson, Bell, Jacobs, Edmonds TE: Waller K: Butker D/ST: San Fran
  11. Hey guys. Full PPR. I’m in 4th place but playing the 3rd place team with identical records. Is it time to bench Conner. He has had three mediocre weeks in a row while Lindsay and jones continue to tear it up. let me know which three ya got. thank!
  12. Hey guys. 10 team PPR league. I’m in fourth but need to continue winning as the standings are right. WR Question: boyd or Sanders Flex Question (choose one): D. Cool, A. Jones, Lindsay, or the other WR from above choice.
  13. I lean towards the Trubsssssss. His legs make him much more valuable. They are clicking right now and I think he continues to put up numbers going forward.