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  1. Hey guys. Full PPR. I’m in 4th place but playing the 3rd place team with identical records. Is it time to bench Conner. He has had three mediocre weeks in a row while Lindsay and jones continue to tear it up. let me know which three ya got. thank!
  2. Hey guys. 10 team PPR league. I’m in fourth but need to continue winning as the standings are right. WR Question: boyd or Sanders Flex Question (choose one): D. Cool, A. Jones, Lindsay, or the other WR from above choice.
  3. I lean towards the Trubsssssss. His legs make him much more valuable. They are clicking right now and I think he continues to put up numbers going forward.
  4. I'd do it. I'd also drop Watson or Heuerman. No need to carry 3 TE's Grab some depth elsewhere. Thanks for help on mine.
  5. Hey Guys i am in a full PPR 10 man league. I am currently 6-4 and in 4th place. I've recently assembled this squad so my past record doesn't reflect what my possibilities are going forward. Anyways..... My team: QB: Rodgers WR: Adams/Sanders/Boyd/Sutton RB: Barkley/Conner/A. Jones/Cook/Lindsay TE: Kittle/Engram(Just for Kittle's bye) K: Butker DST: Stream I need to choose one flex between most likely Jones, Cook, and Boyd. I'm leaning Jones, but Cook could certainly present some interesting opportunities. Boyd almost killed me last week so he's pretty much out. Thanks in advance!
  6. Question 1 I've settled in on 1 QB myself. That is simply because I hate looking back on the week and second guessing myself at a position that typically generates 20-25 points. Question 2 Kupp and Rivers. Rivers' matchup is drool worthy. Question 3 I'd swap Chubb with whoever you don't pick between Kupp and JuJu. Thanks for help on mine!
  7. Not worthy of a veto. WR's are a wash. Zeke is down a little bit, Collins is under utilized. AP and Lindsay are both trending up. This should've gone through no problem.
  8. In a 1.0 PPR league who is the better bench stash. My starting RB's are Barkley, Conner, Cook so I wanted to drop one of Jones/Ekeler to add some WR depth. Thoughts?
  9. I too rank them Fitz, MVS, Ridley. 1a. Fitz nudges MVS because he is one of two bright spots for this offense with DJ. 1b. MVS because Geronimo is potentially looking at a season ending injury and MVS looks real good opposite Adams. He also has 100 yards or a TD in each of his last 4 games and is averaging 6.75 targets in those 4 games. 3. Ridley, until proven otherwise, seems inconsistent.
  10. I don't see any reason to veto this trade at all. It fulfills a need for both teams and has fairly even value on each end. People value players differently and others shouldn't weigh in to discourage that.
  11. I am targeting MVS tonight for my waiver grab so i may be biased. However, with Geronimo potentially done for the season MVS is an awesome #2 to Adams. He is getting the targets (6.75 over last 4 games) and he has hit 100 yards or a TD in each of those games. Thanks for help on mine.
  12. I wouldn't. Chubb will almost certainly split more time with Duke since Duke had a coming out party. And watkins is too flaky. One real eye-popping performance this year. Boyd is set to be the man for the next 2-3 weeks minimum. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/733048-please-help-improve-this-team-whir/
  13. You could probably offer AP straight up for Tyler Boyd or Keenan Allen. Otherwise AP + Gordon/Brown may net you someone like Mike Evans or any of the Rams WR's. Help on mine: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/733048-please-help-improve-this-team-whir/