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  1. From the stats only (haven't seen any full game of the Cards) It's a coin toss if you pick up Damiere Byrd or KeeSean Johnson. If you look at the numbers it looks like there are two Tier 1 receiver (Fitz, Kirk) and two Tier 2 receiver (Byrd, Johnson) For a small overview from what's going on: Player W1 W1 TGTS W2 W2 TGTS Season Season TGTS Christian Kirk 4-32-0 12 6-114-0 8 10-146-0 20 Larry Fitzgerald 8-113-1 13 5-104-0 11 13-217-1 24 Damiere Byrd 4-42-0 7 6-45-0 7 10-87-0 14 KeeSean Johnson 5-46-0 10 1-31-0 2 6-77-0 12 Maxx Williams 1-15-0 1 1-21-0 1 2-36-0 2 Chase Edmonds 0-0-0 1 2-15-0 2 2-15-0 3 Michael Crabtree 0-0-0 0 2-13-0 3 2-13-0 3 Charles Clay 1-5-0 1 1-6-0 2 2-11-0 3 David Johnson 6-55-1 7 1-0-0 1 7-55-1 8 If you're desperate and need a Receiver you can plugin i guess you can pick up Byrd, but to me he's nothing more rn.
  2. They can do whatever they want as lon as MT gets his 7-10 catches every week
  3. He was solid with his short dumps, but that ain't spectacular to me. His average air yards was something like 8.3. - dead average. Not saying anything about his future or skill, but his preseason didn't wowed me like everyone else as it seems. Let's hope he balls because I could need a new BU QB
  4. Did not have a spectacular pre season, but was solid. I'm not sure if the Giants should have waited till Tate is back in order to make the first start easier. Not sure if I should add him or if I should wait till the WW on Wednesday.
  5. same situation. He is going to get the volume. Maybe his TD decline a bit, but if he gets his 7-10 catches every week, he is still PPR gold. Also I'm not a fan of benching my first round pick if he is active, always feels bad
  6. For me it was Chris Carson or Chris Godwin - at least I thought it would be like that during the draft. I had a late pick and somehow he fell to me in the beginning of the fourth and I felt like I already won the draft. I got like 5 trade offers already from people whose #1 receiver fell short, but I'm holding firm.
  7. Gave: Kyler Murray, Latavious Murray, Malcolm Brown, Terry McLaurin, Jack Doyle Got: Fitztragic, AB, David Montgomery, Albert Wilson, OJ Howard
  8. Yes, I think in this case it will help, too. This was more a general question which would interest me.
  9. Added him, too. Is there some reliable data on how kicker perform (in fantasy) when they play with back-ups? Somehow I can see them score less because the offense won't move the ball as efficient. On the other hand I can see them score more because they won't make it into the RZ as often and therefore have to settle for FG.
  10. Didn't he also had decent rushing yards in college? Not like Lamar Jackson, but maybe Rodgers rushing number?
  11. I'm only following the NFL for a few years so I'm not really familiar with other teams tanking, but did those ones you mention really sold out that hard? To me it feels like the Dolphins want to end the season with 0 starters. As I said. I worry the QB they take firs overall will be dead by week 3 without an Oline
  12. Didn't think - or do not know anything about Florida taxing or money-spending-possibilities, but I guess they have to pay the extra "we suck please come to us"-fee for Free Agents? I wouldn't go there without getting some money extra.
  13. I'm not the expert on building NFL rosters - far from it - but how do you plan to do a rebuild if you give away every player on your team who has some future with it. To be a good NFL team it needs more than few players who are good. How many draft picks do the Dolphins have to hit on until they're a good team. Like 20? (and I mean really hit on) How many years will that take? I understand tanking in the NBA because you need like 6 good players or 1 excellent and 5 dudes, but in the NFL? I'm interested how this pans out and how long they will be the laughing stock. Edit: Imagine they draft a QB at pick 1 next year. That kid's fked. No O-Line- no playmakers, nothing.
  14. I'm buying OJ Howard if possible (or adding him). The season is long and you never know what happens. Also, if (a BIG if) Howard somehow gets to the point where he was projected, the prior owner will die a second death when he is scoring for me