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  1. Nick Chubb 2019 Outlook

    You have you're sure top 5 guys in Gurley, Barkley, CMC, Kamara and Zeke (not in order) Then you got Gordon and Chubb in a league of their own and from then on you again got a cluster of RBs you could argue abour order (Conner, Mixon, Bell, DJ, Cook maybe even Jones) tldr.: Chubb > Conner in 2019
  2. Stefon Diggs 2019 Outlook

    Hold on, in every draft I participated Thielen was taken before Diggs with a difference of 9 picks in one league. So either you hella reached or you expected something nobody else expected Oo
  3. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    This may sound weird, but I wouldn't like to see them ranked there, too. But at your price I would be feeling really good getting them.
  4. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Compare Rosen's rookie year stats to Goff's rookie year stats and you will see they're pretty similar. I see nobody calling him a bust. Rosen has the weakest receiver core and the weakest Oline. Aaron Rodgers would look like a bust in this situation I really would like AB in ARI, too. Would also be a nice boost for DJ.
  5. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    Maybe I'm too high on this 2 guys personally but I would rank them one category higher and if the stars align I see atleast one of them as Mid range RB1s
  6. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    You can put the top 5 in any order actually and there would be an argument for it. 6 Melvin Gordon 7 Nick Chubb 8-12 Conner, Mixon, Bell, DJ, Cook in any order 8-12 are the guys where you could get Top 10 numbers but there is still a question mark to them (either team, staying healthy or coaching changes). I'm super hot on Nick Chubb. Prediction: RB5+ in Std scoring
  7. Kerryon Johnson 2019 Outlook

    It was this one btw:
  8. Pats/Chiefs

    Bold prediction: The Pats will win this because of a discussable ref decision and will go on to lose to the Saints. ESPNs expert on receding hairline Stephen A Smith says Brady can't be the goat because he now has lost 4 SBs. Is there a site where I can bet on this?
  9. James Conner 2019 Outlook

    I really have a hard time drafting a player after a breakout performance/chance, especially if I got him for low in said year. Don't know how the Steelers will look without Brown and as someone already said I feel like the high amount of usage at the beginning of the year could have been to show Bell that he is not unreplacable.
  10. Tyler Lockett 2019 Outlook

    Quite interesting!
  11. Kerryon Johnson 2019 Outlook

    One of the podcasts I listen to (I think its The Fantasy Footballers) made a meme out of this (or another song, don't remember correctly)
  12. Dalvin Cook 2019 Outlook

    If you handcuffed Cook with Murray you got RB13 production out of them through wk1-16. Not what you wanted from a Top10RB (as least from where you drafted him), but if you believe in handcuffing you could have done worse with that pick.
  13. Kerryon Johnson 2019 Outlook

    I'm actually pretty hot on KJ this year, too. ADPs will change for sure this year, but if I really can get him at the end of round 5 I would pull the trigger immediatly. I don't think he will be a top 10 RB this year, he could though.
  14. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2019 Outlook

    It's not only the regression worry. It's also the possible loss of AB. I have no data on this but I assume that AB takes a lot of coverage that benefits JuJu (correct me if I'm wrong). Maybe he will benefit a lot from AB leaving, we don't now. So I guess the hype will be high on this player which will show in his ADP. And maybe the price will be too high for the worries I have with him. Off Season will show what happens and then we can have a proper discussion I guess.
  15. 2018 stats: Missed weeks 12+ with an MCL sprain, but recent reports stated that he would have been ready to if the Lions made the playoffs. He averaged 5.4 yards on 118 carries and caught 32 of 39 targets (82.1%). To this he added 3 rushing and 1 receiving TD. Although it looks very slim in the touchdown department behold of the situation with LaGarrette Blount. To this point it's not clear what will happen to him in the next season. If the Lions were not to resign Blount there would be another 154 rush attempts up for grabs. And especially the 26 RZ attempts (19 inside 10, 11 inside 5) are of great value. Theo Reddick will still eat big time into his passing work, so PPR player be aware. _____________________________ I drafted KJ this year but traded him mid season, because I was not sure about his usage. Especially Blount's TD vulturing was a torture to see as a KJ owner. For '19 it will be all about the ADP. It will be exciting to see were his ADP lands in the end (#19 RB; end of round 5 currently on FantasyPros).