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  1. I really like the combination of AB, Williams and Nelson. If the Raiders could complement that offense with a RB (maybe Josh Jacobs @#27), a TE (maybe TJ Henderson @#24) and some more O-Line via this Draft this should be a very potent offense. For fantasy reasons I hope their defense is crap next year
  2. #4 + #27 to Arizona for their first to pick Kyler Murray. That would be another highlight move to maybe bring fans to the games who knows. In the end, AB won big time, but you can't say the Steelers lost, because the moment AB said he doesn't want to play for them anymore it was done. This way they get at least some kind of compensation.
  3. You know sometimes things don‘t work out anymore with current situations
  4. Depends highly on what his goal is: - money - stats - ring(s) - nice market, city etc. and if he is ready to sit out.
  5. Would that mean that AB stuck it to the Steelers
  6. they have a video on youtube on the official NFL channel from 6 hours ago where they act like it's done (link) But I'd like to wait till AB himself confirms it
  7. Let's play the imaginery game. I give you some szenarios and you tell me which you would chose as the Cards GM: Szenario 1: You pick Kyler Murray #1 overall. You trade Josh Rosen to Washington for their second (46th overall). --> You have Murray + 46th Szenario 2: You pick Nick Bosa #1 overall. --> You have Rosen and Bosa Szenario 3: You trade the #1 with the Raiders for the 4th and the 27th. --> You have Rosen + 4th + 27th Szenario 4: Washington offers their first for Rosen. You draft Murray #1 overall. --> You have Murray + 15th I'm not sure how realistig Szenario 3 and 4 are, but...just for fun
  8. I don't get if the first sentence is irony or if you meant that for real. Winning a ring doesn't make you always right! And that's poor leadership if I'm trashin other players on TV instead of solving stuff internal.
  9. I never get this mentality towards players. Fueled by some media narratives AB has to be the worst human being in Football and now everybody is cheering the Steelers that they "showed him" (oc only if this Bills stuff is true). It's always "the player should honor their contracts", but if a team doesn't want you anymore, they just trade or cut you and everybody seems fine with it, because you's business. Is it because we are fans of teams and in our minds the greater good for the team is acceptable while a player is just a small part of my favorite team over a small period of time? I salute AB for doing what he think it's right and if the situation was really that bad as he described, it's just the right thing to move on. I'd welcome it if more and more player would user their leverage to better their situation. And like AB said "he doesn't need to play football, he wants to". So if he doesn't like the trade destination or the team doesn't give him a new contract (if he wants one), he just can retire. And if he is cool with Buffalo, let's do it. Yeah, the Bills haven't been the greatest team in the league the last year. Maybe Buffalo isn't as nice as Pit (I don't know), but in the end both teams haven't won a ring in the last few years.
  10. I could still see the Redskins go for Rosen - if he is available. 3,5m for one year isn't that much of a commitment to Keenum. Maybe they just get him to backup Rosen.
  11. Let's see if he even reports. So nothing done here.
  12. I'm pretty sure this is all a smoke screen to get some more picks. The good old Raiders will fall for this and trade their 4th and their 27th for the first. Then trade the 23rd for AB and sign LevBell to have some hollywood players in their team when they go to Vegas.
  13. I'd like to see AB win a ring with the Patriots just to stick it to the Steelers. Will never happen but anyways
  14. DW contract signed on 27th dec ( KH released on 30th nov ( SW missed games from week 15 13th dec ( So you're right on that.
  15. Yeah I'm with you on that. It was a smart move by the Chiefs, but again, this doesn't mean he is a undoubtable starter for the whole season, because it ain't that much money. My post was on the "he's the 26th best paid RB in the league and that has to mean something" - which it doesn't because RB is an extremely Rookie driven position.