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  1. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    I'm sitting with an 6-0 record. I've scored 1126 points so far while the leage average scoring is 855.
  2. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    As i said I maybe overput the barrier but (as I stated) I‘m not in the position to redo the table rn and I don’t want to refer to it as long as I don‘t know the overall change. So I stated his performances as „as high as it gets“ x 2, great, good x 2 and bad. That still is all over the place. That still is not consistent great like other Elite receivers are. - From a statistical view this is exactly true. Throwing a dart 6 times hitting 40,40,20,20,15,10 is not at consistent as 25,25,20, 20,18,18 although it’s less overall @poleincubus Stop trolling. I‘m not talking taking it away. I’m talking distribution over times.
  3. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    Unfortunetly I‘m on my phone right now so I can‘t comfortly access the stats in the margin I‘d need to redo this. Quick to your 2 points. 1 Yes I use it, bc I‘m not trying to argue that he is not great, I argue that he is not consistent. Which is proven by the fact, that his scores are all over the place with 2 being as high as it gets, 1 being great, 2 being okay and 1 being bad. Thats not constant. 2 Yeah I use him. Because after his first 3 great games he has been bad. So not consistent good. Again in general, I‘m not making the point that thielen wins you more championships than Hill or loses you more. I just prefer to not to rely on a huge game to win my matchup.
  4. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    Week 1 > 20 Week 2 10-20 Week 3 < 10 Week 4 10-20 Week 5 10-29 Week 6 > 20 So 2-3-1 SBD You marked him as one of the most consistent WR over his career. I argued he is not this season so far and I compared him to the top receivers of the season so far and he is not as consistent as most Elite receivers are. (Sorry if what I write is weird but it has to be translated while input and output, so there is room for errors. Also I mixed the order of SBD for which I apologize again...mea culpa)
  5. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    Sorry I put Stud Between Dud in the wrong order, my bad.
  6. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    double post sorry
  7. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    Thanks for the in depth statistics, but you're making the point nobody asked for. I'm not debating that Hill is a damn good football player - he is. I'm just saying at the moment he is a hit or miss player. It's a new season, new QB, new WR2. Last year was last year. Let's do this on this year, since that's what we're going to measure him at the end of the season. I'm playing in 1PPR so I adapt you're evaluation a little bit. Dud <10 Stud >20 So its Dud / Between / Stud And just for fun I put some more numbers there. Name D B S Total Best Score Lowest Score Difference Weekly Avg Thielen 5 1 0 153,20 31,10 16,20 14,90 25,53 Hill 2 3 1 142,96 46,10 8,80 37,30 23,83 Hopkins 3 3 0 128,50 33,90 14,60 19,30 21,42 Brown 3 3 0 124,80 28,10 15,70 12,40 20,80 Jones 3 3 0 116,80 28,00 11,20 16,80 19,47 Woods 2 3 1 114,80 33,70 7,30 26,40 19,13 Sanders 2 4 0 113,40 29,50 11,30 18,20 18,90 Smith-Schuster 3 3 0 113,10 31,10 10,00 21,10 18,85 Thomas 3 1 1 111,90 38,00 8,70 29,30 22,38 Green 1 5 0 110,40 29,90 10,80 19,10 18,40 Boyd 4 0 2 109,00 25,70 7,60 18,10 18,17 These are the top WR in PPR. Out of the Elite WR... ...who is all over the place in DBS? ...whose Difference high-low is the highest? Result: Tyreek Hill hasn't been consistent this year. At least not as consistent as the Elites. Is he a damn good player? - Yes! Did he score a lot of points? - Yes! Does these two questions affect his concistency? - No! The people who asked for it? And who's first and second is still up for debate.
  8. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    If you find me saying this, please quote me [The following numbers are 1PPR 1PP25RetYrds] I understand that Thielen is an extreme outlier and especially on the WR Position it's extremely hard to put high numbers week in and week out, but there's a difference between "isn't top 10" and [1, 19, 51, 31, 34, 1] . But this is going a bit too far for a Tyreek Hill thread. Let's see at the end of the season, where we stand
  9. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    that's a rather simple approach to look at things.
  10. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    That's some advanced FF knowledge we are gathering here guys. I'm noting this down for the '19 draft.
  11. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    #1 WR in PPR I'd take.
  12. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    I don't blame you for that. It's a philosophy thing. Nope, I'm quite successfull in my league. #1, #17, "bust", "respectable", "respectable", #1 That's 2 games - quite the oppisite of consistency, isn't it? I'm not disappointed in Hill and I don't have anything against him. I just wanted to out myself as liking consistent high players more than this.
  13. Melvin Gordon 2018 Outlook

    He so good.
  14. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    That's all nice, but I prefer a player who puts up WR1 (or high 2) numbers every week and not that boom or "bust" (that's an exaggeration) that either wins you the matchup or is barely a WR2/3.
  15. What do you need for SNF/MNF?

    I need Jimmy Graham and Aaron Jones score less than 68,54 points.