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  1. Here we are. In the year of highscoring offenses one the best of them got beaten in the super bowl. But not only beaten, destroyed....humiliated. Three points scored - THREE! The poster boy of HC and by some seen as benchmark for new coaches got schooled. What comes after this? Will it be the Seahaws route, the Falcons route or the Patriots route itself? I think nobody can assure this, but we can take a look at what is going to change and what we can expect from this team. The Offensive Line is one of the most important units in McVays team, because it allows TG to have massive holes he can turn in to huge gains and with Goff having one of the hardest splits between pressured and not-pressured (lastly seen in the sb) it will be one of the main goals to keep that unit good. Ranked first over the first half of the season they ended up being ranked 6 over the whole last season. This offseason Left Guard Rodger Saffold's contract is up, Right Guard Austin Blyth is a liability, Left Tackle Andrew Whitworth (37) has openly weighted retirment and Center John Sullivan turns 34 now. Sullivan has been great over the first 7games only allowing 4 pressures, but faded into a void by alloweing 32 over the last 9. This unit has to be adressed in the offseason. The LA Rams hold - with Todd Gurley - a top 3 RB in the league. What he has done doesn't have to be listet - it's well known. That changed a bit over the end of the season and the worries found their peak in the sb itself. After a minor injury TG had a bad game against the Saint in the NFC Championship game (with some crucial and critical drops) and then wasn't used to his full potential in the sb. His backup - CJ Anderson - showed some promising numbers, but (imo) the largest part of his success is hold by the offensive line. What happens with CJA this offseason is unknown as he is a Free Agent propably testing the market to cash in. Malcom Brown is also a Free Agent so the Rams will propably have to adress this position with a later draft pick. The Receiver core is one of the best in the league with Cooks, Woods and Kupp. How Quarterback Jared Goff will recover from the SB loss has to be shown, but the Patriots layed out the blueprint on how to stop him and with the fading OLine you don't need the Pat's firepower on DLine to get at him. In the end it's hard to see what will happen, but it's one of the more exciting teams to see next year. __________ Defense: Nearly all LB are Free Agents, half the DLine and Safety Lamarcus Joyner are Free Agents, too. This team was build to win this year, it didn't.
  2. Courtland Sutton 2019 Outlook

    I think Flacco will be an improvement over Keenum. "Flacco has played considerably under center. Scanagrello offense will have QB under center plenty." - @MikeKlis and "New Broncos HC Vic Fangio spent one season in Baltimore while Joe Flacco was Ravens’ QB and knows what he will be getting. Former Broncos’ exec Gary Kubiak also was a Flacco fan, and has mentioned how much he liked the soon-to-be Broncos’ quarterback." -@AdamSchefter If they improve the OLine a bit, this could be way better than the first impression seems.
  3. 2019 Draft

    Lose for Lawrence?
  4. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    then make it the 2nd and 4th round pick of the Cardinals. To me it checks every box the Steelers want to check: - NFC - not contending whatsoever - in badly need for WR talent - cap to pay the contract - I'm not sure about this, but Arizona isn't quite "the" franchise to play for I don't think they would want to ship him to a contending AFC team, so I can't see the Colts make the move. 49ers, Jets, Cards are in a similar position with having a high first rounder, which they won't give up for AB. Oakland would be a weird move, because they just gave away all their star players to reload with younger players, so AB wouldn't be the logical move. Tat is true. But what is a elite skill-position player who is not wanting to play for you worth?
  5. 2018 stats: Missed weeks 12+ with an MCL sprain, but recent reports stated that he would have been ready to if the Lions made the playoffs. He averaged 5.4 yards on 118 carries and caught 32 of 39 targets (82.1%). To this he added 3 rushing and 1 receiving TD. Although it looks very slim in the touchdown department behold of the situation with LaGarrette Blount. To this point it's not clear what will happen to him in the next season. If the Lions were not to resign Blount there would be another 154 rush attempts up for grabs. And especially the 26 RZ attempts (19 inside 10, 11 inside 5) are of great value. Theo Reddick will still eat big time into his passing work, so PPR player be aware. _____________________________ I drafted KJ this year but traded him mid season, because I was not sure about his usage. Especially Blount's TD vulturing was a torture to see as a KJ owner. For '19 it will be all about the ADP. It will be exciting to see were his ADP lands in the end (#19 RB; end of round 5 currently on FantasyPros).
  6. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2019 Outlook

    I'd go a step further and say he will take a step back. We will see exactly when the season begins, but it depends on the other pass catchers the browns will have beside him next year.
  7. Kerryon Johnson 2019 Outlook

    I see him going in the early 4th round.Which means he's propably a 3rd rounder in my homeleague (16 teams) and I can talk him as my 3rd RB.
  8. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Cardinals have the Cap Space, they have the need, they have the ammunition. Imaging them offering their second round pick (#33)?
  9. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    Small recap: After his legendary 2016 performance (1239+16 rushing and 80-897+4 receiving) he missed the whole '17 season with a wrist injury, just to come back as a Top4 pick into his third year. Unfortunetly (for all the people drafting him) he had a down year - at least for his 2016 standard. He finished as the 10th best RB this season with a 940+7 rushing and a 50-446+3 receiving stat line. --- I'm really torn apart with this guy for the '19 season. Negative: - second year QB - lack of weapons on offense - worst offensive line in the league (via PPF) Positive: - we know what he can do - even though he was on the worst team in the league and had a down year, he came up with 1.4k yards, 50 rec and 10 TDs which is an insane floor if you think about it - we have seen in 2016 that he is able to be the only weapon on a team - Rookie quarterback trying to gain confidence with dumping it to the RB in the early game In the end, there are a lot of question that are unanswered as of now. Maybe some will be answered in the off season, but that depends on the moves that the Cardinals are going to do: Coachs, Free Agency and Draft With all the RB talent and the status of RBs in FF in general i can see him going between picks 8 and 16. And if I can scoop im at the end of the first round or even at the turn (16 team league), I'd be feeling really good.
  10. Todd Gurley 2019 Outlook

  11. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    Mixon, DJ, Kerryon are in my eyes the price-to-value champions and I would buy everyone of them for their current price wihtout hesitation.
  12. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    With the current fantasypros.com rankings in a 16 team league I could go Mixon on 13th and DJ on 20th and I'd feel veeeeeeeeeeeeeery goooooood about that.
  13. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    I don't think so. He was missused very badly. I'm too lazy to find all tweets regarding this topic but there was a huge difference in YPC for his inside runs compared to his outside runs. BTW when Rosen starts DJ more as a dump off or safety blanket ppr owner would welcome that, too. And you don't have to keep the defense honest for this. PS: Sorry for allt he inconvinience I created with calling my statement bold
  14. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    Comeback player of the year. Top 5 fantasy RB. ADP around 15. League winner. There you have my bold prediction.
  15. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    If Hightower had hands and if McCourty had a bit more luck the patriots could have two more intereceptions with premium field position (first at opp.40 and second at opp.15). Goff was unable to read two routes which costed them a ring. He had a free TD on a blown coverage, but wasn't able to read this in time and took waaaaaay to long to deliver the pass. So long that McCourty (the CB) could make an incredible play breaking the reception and pushing Cooks out of the end zone. The gameplan of BB was insanely easy, but insanely great. Stop the run and bully Goff so he craps his pants. Worked out perfectly. Brady on the other side had throws where his arm looked like a soft noodle. He had a good drive with the best pass of the night (to Gronk) which ended in the game winning TD.
  16. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2019 Outlook

    You know. JJ as in Julio Jones (regarding my AB thread post).
  17. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    I think he will fall behind Hill and OBJ in WR ranking and overall to around 20 I guess, but we will see when it happens. I highly doubt this. He currently isn't ranked in the top 10 on many sites. For me he is #5 WR as a Steeler (Nuk, MT, Adams, JJ - no order). And I rank at least 5 RB over him (Gurley, Barkley, CMC, Kamara, Gordon - no order). So he is 11+ as Steeler and I guess his ADP will drop quite a bit when he gets traded.
  18. New Orleans Saints 2019 Outlook

    choke is the wrong word. I'd say they end it with an unusual surprise every year. Maybe next year said surprise is a 'ship
  19. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2019 Outlook

    I also think he will be finde either way, but (especially if AB is gone) his ADP will be way too high for a guy who will be fine. It's certainly unknown how good the offense will be without Bell and AB.
  20. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Want him to go to the 49ers. Get loaded with targets. ADP is low bc of new team I get him for cheap
  21. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    Would this make Gurley a second round pick in a 10er? I'd pick Hopkins+Gurley and win that league lol
  22. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    I‘m not sure what will happen with Conner. Yeah, he is in one of the (fantasy)strongest offense, but how will this offense look if AB leaves? Was his high workload in the beginning of the season a hint about the future of a clapback from Tomlin to Bell à la „everyone can do it“. Above tier 3 - I dont know, but ranking them inside this tier is really hard, so maybe he will be a top 8-10 (RB) pick. We know nothing about Bells landing spot and it mainly will depend on that. Auf it‘s the ravens or the texans I maybe could see him in tier 2/3, but we will see.
  23. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    okay, then let me rephrase it. I'm interested in how well the Patrios will solve this problem.
  24. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    It was especially bad against pressure from the middle (DT) and with Donald and Suh...I heard they know what they're doing. I'm interested in how Patriots will solve this problem.
  25. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    Here's just some thoughts and questions I have regarding a few RB Todd Gurley: I don't fear the CJA-storyline which seems to lead many discussions. The Rams payed Gurley to be the guy. This offense run through him and will continue to run through him. If he is a 100% I don't think he is nothing else than the RB1 in every format. Saquon Barkley: He is the most talented RB in the league. I think the Giants will improve their O-line play. What he did against the bottom run defenses last year where his O-line could get him at least some room to navigate show what we would be able to do against any opponent if this O-line improves. Zeke: If the receiving part he had in the last weeks is just an outlook on his part in the receiving department in 2019 we are maybe looking at the RB1. He is just a carry-machine. He had a down year with TD (6). If he recovers from this... Alvin Kamara: For me it's very dependant on what happens with Ingram and if he leaves who they will bring in (which is a given for me when Ingram leaves). If they bring in a JAG as backup/COP-guy i think the first 4 weeks of last year really show what is possible. CMC: I stated my opinion enough about CMC already in this thread. His PPG can't be substained and there will be a drop. How big this drop will be depends on a lot of things. I tend to the opinion that a healthier Cam won't help CMC and a general better Panthers team won't help his fantasy output, too. So if the Panthers want to remain somehow relevant in the playoff picture CMC's production will take a dip. David Johnson: That's the guy I'm most excited about. And I don't understand why his ADP is that high currentyl (I of course don't complaint ). In my dream scenario this is a Fisher>McVay situation (which - i know - is a stretch like none else). Kliff Kingsbury was in the top 3 passing to the RB in his last 3 college seasons and with a sorry receiver group on the Cardinals I could see DJ stepping up big time. The jury is still out especially with the upcoming draft and free agencies where the Cards have to add in O-Line and general offensive weapons. Chiefs RB1: Yep, I did not write down a name here, although Damien Williams is currently holding this role. Imo DW is just a JAG in one of the best RB situations in the league. If he holds the position he is not to underestimate. Reid is known to have a RB1 and only one. Spencer Ware is no competition as he does not seem like he was before he busted his knee. I'm pretty sure the Chiefs will add RB depth in the draft. If it's in round 3 or early I'll be worried about DW. If it's a first round pick, I would draft the rookie over Williams. But we will see after the draft. (Imagine if the Chiefs would sign Ingram - i know, highly unlikely - but just imagine) Nick Chubb: Dynasty gold. If the brown continue their uprise and implement him more in the passgame he'll be a beast. Otherwise he will won't reach the Top5 in PPR - standard is another case. Joe Mixon: aka Saquon Barkley light. If the new coaching situation realize what they got with him he will be a solid RB1. If for some stupid reason they tink Gio is more than a Theo Reddick type player..... Dalvin Cook: Murray on the way out? Injury questions remain. How much does the Vikings trust his body? Will they strenghten their O-line? Lot of question marks on this guy. Kerryon Johnson: No Blount goal line vulture? I'm all in. Especially for the current price. So I look at it from this position: Tier 1: Gurley, Zeke, Barkley Tier 2: CMC, Kamara, Gordon Tier 3: Chubb, Mixon, DJ, Chiefs RB1, Jones, Steelers RB1 Tier 4: Cook, Bell,...