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  1. He gives me Kerryon Johnson Rookie year vibes.
  2. I traded him away. I'm not sure if it will help when Cam comes back. In general everyone except CMC is a big question mark in that offense.
  3. The patriots won all important games via the I-Formation with an FB blocking for Michel. (Edit: last year I mean) Them trying to figure out who to use as said FB sounds to me more like they want to bring back that run style with Sony Michel. Edit²: there is this documentation "Do your job 3" where this is shown pretty well (I guess it was that one) Link
  4. Well. first of all. By your roster I guess that it's a 4 team league But I would do Zeke + Kerryon for Cook and then pick up Mattison. I would not be worried with Hunt coming back for Chubb. Sooner or later the Browns will realise that Chubb is the way to win games and the points will come. You still would have Josh Jacobs as backup and Cooks as Flex Backup if really necessary. I'm not the biggest fan of Kerryon either.
  5. I'm looking for a bye week filler and Lazartron sparked my interest. What is the news on Adams, Allison and MVS?
  6. Ugly. Fullers playoffs schedule looks brutal. Woods reg Season schedule isn't nice. I could not decide, so I would check for whom I could get the better trade value and then do that trade and keep the other one.
  7. Don't know the size of your league and haven't checked the bye weeks, but I would do that.
  8. I would say do the trade and even then you have a chance to get far. In the end it's luck in either way. Just imagine one of your handcuffs will get time because of an injury. Let's say it's Mattison. You would be in the race and have a top pick in the backpack. I always think it's way more interesting to get more picks.
  9. You are stacked at WR and Ekeler-party is over. I would take the #1 QB.
  10. I take Bell, Darnold is back and the Steelers suck.
  11. So essentially I need a WR for this week because two of mine have bye. WW is empty. I give Montgomery and Samuel I get Michel and Gallup Full PPR. Team is in Sig. Post your thread an I will try to help you , too. Thanks
  12. well, there is this kid called Chris, he seems to catch the football quite nice. But yeah, as far as TEs go...meh. OJ did his duty with 6 points during Waller bye for me and he is only still on my roster because we have a big bench.
  13. No, we're not going into week 17. I just wanted to put it in for the few people who do. I'm not going to trade him, I just wanted to point out how the ROS schedule looks like
  14. I already said it in another thread, but look at his end of season schedule: week 13-17: MIA (#32), NYG (#28), WAS (#23), DAL (#7 but rivalry), NYG (#28)
  15. Is anyone concerned with the ROS schedule: vs BAL #10 @ ATL #15 vs TB #3 @ SF #1 bye @ PHI #4 vs MIN #5 @LA #20 @ CAR #11 vs ARI #7 vs SF #1 That looks brutal.
  16. Was mentioned before, but Kittle had his bye. You will probably never start Henry as FLEX. Get the upgrade.
  17. I am not panicking, I am just checking my options here. Maybe it's easier to understand if I give you the broader picture: Div 1 me 6-0 rival 6-0 ... ... Div 2 dude1 5-1 dude2 5-1 ... .. Out of conference 1 (div1 + div2) the two division champs and the better second place get into playoffs. The conference champ has a bye week. When the record is the same the direct matchups get checked. So me losing would increase the pressure to win the second direct matchup against my rival and my chances of winning the division get smaller. That would force me into the comparison to the other divisions second and therefore higher chances of missing the playoffs. So the question I asked myself was "can I get a trade that would help me to win this weeks matchup and won't make my team worse". So far it seems like you guys like Carson/Samuel more than Thielen/White.
  18. That's the WW. (sorted after most scored in last 4 weeks)
  19. Browns will realise that they only can when over Chubb. I prefer your side.
  20. Keep the QB. I haven't checked all byes of your players, but you seem to have a okay depth at every position. It may be a pain in the a** to find WR/RB/TE to flex on an empty WW, but try to find a QB there with 20 QBs starting in a league.
  21. I have a problem this week. Samuel and Godwin are on a bye and I only have one WR (MT). Also I'm playing my hardest rival (we are both 6-0) and are in the same division. So this is one of the two (the second game vs him) most important matchups. In order to win this matchup anyways I tried to look around to find a trade that would help me out of my misery without giving up the house. That trade is i give up Samuel (who is on bye) and Carson for Thielen and White. Thielen has been getting the targets and it feels like Cousins is finally waking up and the passing offense gets going. My remaining RB would then be Cook, White, Montgomery. Would you do that trade? Link your Threads below and I will help you out, too PS: team in sig.
  22. you should check Wentz' playoff matchups though
  23. The nice thing about him is, that additional to everything else, he is getting the "garbage time work". When they are behind 10+ points and the other team gives up the shorter routes, Godwin is getting all those 5-9 targets over the middle and if the drive is going you get that +1.6 +2.1 +1.9 + 1.7 (in PPR) every few seconds.
  24. I am intrigued...let's see if he will go down or if he will never miss a game