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  1. Yall cant enjoy good things. Smh.
  2. Gotta thank yall for the expert advice in here.
  3. Lol taking rotoworld blurbs serious in 2016
  4. This will seperate the men from the boys
  5. Love this guy. Can yall just enjoy today, yall pessimist cant have anything nice.
  6. Cant wait till the Montgomery page is unlocked. god bless
  7. At worst Steve Smith is a WR4 injured. I dont understand how you would drop steve smith unless you only roster 4 WR which to me is crazy. I believe everyone should be rostering 5 WR to counter byes and such.
  8. Ok so you love the hour to hour commentary in correlation to the Rotoworld clueless blurbs. Cool. Props. It aint stopping any time soon. So you are in a for a great ride. Enjoy it.
  9. My thing is if you are going to go comment on every player in this forum, even those you dont own(good chance you havent watched them) start a blog playboy. i am being pretty simple here.
  10. Youre not a Fantasy Expert if so why dont you start a Blog?
  11. You 8 team league guys are hilarious.
  12. Its sad to see the McCoy owners who missed out on Gillislie. Why would you enter the thread if you dont even own the player.
  13. Roto will be wrong about Howard. It was just a short week. This forum and roto are really losing credibility. P.S. Dont quote me boy
  14. Lmao. These comments wow. #delusionalmuch