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  1. All praise due to allah
  2. As someone who drafted Cobb in two leagues never again; and if that isnt useful fantasy advice. No way in hell do you guys start him in the ship!
  3. So no comments after GB game. Dropped him. But for a Week 15 Matchup against NO? Hello. None of your starting him? Next week in the playoffs.
  4. Mods gon Mod. Looks like he is def worth owning in regards to steals. He played a dang of a game here today boys. Some good ol baskety ball goin down.
  5. Jones and Fournier or Ibaka and one of those two. You have. Alot of heat u def should be able to put something together. Some people make it tough with first rounders.
  6. Thanks Guys think thats the smart move.
  7. Lets Go Basquiat
  8. Drafted him w the third pick CSB
  9. Got him in the third and im pissed. CSB.
  10. Drop George Hill for Jae Crowder. Who is the better short term long term play thanks.
  11. Epitome of this forum.
  12. Thoughts... I need 3's and FG% inscrease should I just stay put?
  13. Remind me why "this" "guy" is a "thing
  14. Am I missing something? Hes playing awesome. Plus leaving food on the table. Ill take last few weeks to the beggining of the season. I am telling you a lot of future Grandmas on this site.
  15. No, it's just the weekly handcuff circle jerk that occurs every time Ivory has a good game. Posts like this make this forum still interesting thank you!