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  1. Wow. Immature much? side note: Good luck Andrew
  2. Sorry boys...retirement.
  3. Gimme somethin Jordan!!
  4. Prob cost me a playoff spot old man
  5. Lmao this whole week this thread has been about dropping him. News Flash Timmy has other plans!
  6. Lmao talking about Depth with two weeks left.
  7. Lmao why is he on the first page
  8. Love you Zeke!
  9. For all of you people I will never meet. Next year make sure to ignore those players who are ranked high because of their skill but known to have off days. (Dez,Watkins,Allen Rob,etc) You are much better gettin some one later who isnt a flashy roto world knob slob. But However has a platform to provide consistent stats ala a Michael Thomas
  10. For everyone who said West was worth any ones attention. Just eat that Humble pie. lol
  11. Some Yahoo. My waiver wire closes once first games begin. Hence my Loss due to Montgomery f***ery. #coolstorybroseph
  12. Wish i could dislike dekou post
  13. Would you like some Cheese with that Wine?
  14. I will be back here in a few weeks to Laugh or Eat Crow.