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  1. I would take a chance on him if your dropping Wilson
  2. Mayfield , sanders, woods, Evans, Landry, Gordon, engram, K Johnson, sanu, and freeman. He’s 3-1
  3. I would do this. I could see Jackson start to fall off a bit as the season goes. Hopkins is due to pick it up and I like Henry over Connor
  4. 10 team 1 ppr. Based on my team below, do you see any benefit to try and aquire Barkley? I was also thinking of trying to get Hopkins but he wants to much (Godwin + Henry). I was thinking of offering him Henry+McCoy or Fitzgerald for Barkley and see what he says? Thoughts? Btw, I’m 1-3 team Kyler Murray Kamara Chubb Godwin Fitzgerald Henry Andrews bench Damian Williams Mccoy Hockenson AJ Green Golden Tate Diggs
  5. If would do it. Williams might be down for a while. Kupp is a beast and Johnson is a + over Cohen imo
  6. Maybe keep Evans and do Diggs instead.
  7. I’d do Fitz and Kupp for sure. The zona offense is going to pass a lot and kupp is a beast. I’m made I missed out on him in the draft
  8. I don’t know the rest of your team but yes haha. I’d try for saquon first then Cook
  9. I’m on the verge of offering Henry + Fitz for Mahomes
  10. Cousins could have a good day at home in the dome. I’d start him over Goff and the others
  11. I can’t see your team but I would try and keep Evans if possible. DJ seems to have some injury concerns. If I had to say, I’d pass on it for now.
  12. I don’t know why but i really want Mahomes lol. I’m 0-2 my is below. 10 team 1 ppr Alvin Kamara Nick Chubb AB Godwin Andrews Derek Henry bench Diggs Damien Williams McCoy Allen Robinson Fitz Fuller what exactly is Mahomes value? He needs RB help. I was thinking of trading Chubb and maybe another bench guy for him. Maybe trying to also get Michel in return. What about Henry + Fitz for Mahomes? Or would that be a slap in the face as far as value? Or just stay put? Thanks
  13. The Mahomes owner really needs RB help. His best rb is Jacobs and the next best is Michel. The issue is he doesn’t have a great back up (Goff). Would you offer Chubb for Mahomes? I just think he’ll value Mahomes way more than that, for good reason I guess. His wr’s are Edelman, Hilton, Julio, tyrell Williams, Boyd . FYI, we can start up to 4 wr or 4 rbs or mix.
  14. I don’t know how to view the team on mobile but I like the move with both of the teams situation as of now
  15. Now I’m 0-2. Thanks to OBJ I lost on a tie breaker. I had the Browns D going as well. My kicker only managed 1 point this week, I blame him lol
  16. 10 team 1 ppr. My team below Kyler Murray Alvin Kamara Nick Chubb AB Godwin Andrews Derek Henry bench Diggs Damien Williams McCoy Allen Robinson Fitz Fuller Should I be worried about kamara and try and move him? I’m also a little worried about Chubb with Hunt coming back later on. Kyler hasn’t really don’t what I had hoped but not bad. If I could move either Kamara or Chubb with another guy for Mahomes would you? If not where do you recommend I make a change? I’m in the verge of going 0-2 thanjs
  17. Im in the second week of the championship and im up by 11. Im having a hard time deciding on who to start. Standard scoring 10 team league. My team as I see who should be in the starting line up. Im having the most trouble with Diggs and Cook because of the match up with the Bears QB: Matt Rayn RB: Saquon Barkley RB/WR: Melvin Gordon RB/WR: Dalvin Cook WR: TY Flex: CJ Anderson TE: Ertz Bench -Calvin Ridley -Stefon Diggs -Elijah McGuire -Spencer Ware -Damien Williams I think CJ needs to be in the line up sure. I had a hard time figuring out who to bench for him so I picked Diggs over TY. Of course as long as TY plays. Im thinking to maybe sit Cook as they do play the Bears and he literally got me -1 points that week. Thanks for the help
  18. Hes got Watson, white, cooks, AB, Sanu, Smallwood, Gronk, Powell, Morris and drake. Pretty weak overall