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  1. As the starter with the Redskins, I would add him, but as others have said, Guice is on his way back, Thompson is still around, and the Redskins will be playing from behind a lot moving forward.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. My WRs are Hill, Godwin, Kupp, Sutton and Samuel.
  3. I streamed the Dallas defense last week while I held the Bills so now I can drop Dallas for RB depth. I currently own Chubb, Eckler, A. Jones, Jacobs, Breida and Hyde. I'm debating between J. Williams, Edmonds or Mattison...and whether I should use a waiver claim or just see who is left and drop the Dallas D for one of them.
  4. Hmm, I know Walker is solid, but I worry about him and injuries as he is up there in age. I'm guessing Hockenson, Waller and Andrews aren't available? I would try to pick up those guys before trading an RB, even though I'm not as high on Lindsay this year after owning him last season.
  5. Is it too early to consider dropping Guice for Hyde? Guice hasn't even been ruled out for this week so he may not miss time, and he's obviously much younger with a higher upside, but Hyde may be more of a "sure thing" moving forward. My other RBs are McCaffrey, D. Montgomery, Jacobs, Breida and C. Thompson.
  6. Which OF would you rather own for the rest of the season? My other OFs are Acuna, Dahl, Conforo and J. Martinez...
  7. Good pitching is hard to find in my league, but Bassitt's owner dropped him just before he pitched a gem this weekend. I have been holding onto the #1 waiver claim in my league, and while I know Bassitt isn't an elite arm, he's looked really good so far, and if I don't claim him, his former owner likely will, if not someone else in our league.
  8. I still like Maikel Franco hitting in the Phillies line-up this year, but I have four other guys with 3B eligibility. A guy in my league who is a big Phillies fan needs a 3B and has some arms that I'm intrigued by. Would a deal for Richards, McHugh or Lucchesi be good for me? He also owns D. German and G. Marquez, but I doubt I could pry them from him.
  9. Which catcher would you rather have for the rest of the season?
  10. These are the two most intriguing pitchers on the waiver wire. Are either worth dropping Pineda for, and if so, which one do you prefer over the course of the rest of the season?
  11. I would say Schwarber. I just don't think CarGo has much left at this point in his career...
  12. I'm looking to add some OF depth to my team, and the most intriguing names currently available are Lowe, Pinder, Margot, C. Frazier, Eaton, Verdugo and Kiermaier. Who do you think is the best pick-up and can hold value throughout the rest of the season?
  13. I can make five roster moves a week in my league, and while I don't like using too many of them on Monday, I'm thinking about making the following moves tomorrow morning... - Drop S. Alcantara for M. Pineda - Drop J. Profar for Y. Diaz - Drop J. Soler for ...undecided on this one but leaning toward Swanson, Laureano or Josh Bell. And should I use one more roster move to stash Polanco or Sano on my IL? Thanks very much.
  14. I was debating between drafting Willy or Lourdes Gurriel for my final bench spot late in my draft. Ultimately went with Willy (though Gurriel is still available) so we'll see if I made the right decision.