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  1. Damien...? LOL Need to start and keep running Darrel Williams.....the other williams on the bench until absolutely needed.
  2. Sammy Watkins declared INACTIVE ...no way i'm sitting The Freek today.
  3. Maybe MVS will come back next week instead of serving at the soup kitchen.
  4. So easy to read that one...#17 is out so let's throw to MVS....easy peasy read by the D especially since he wouldn't throw to him during the game.
  5. crazy.....throw it to MVS when he's wrapped up....GD it Rogers.
  6. MVS probably gonna quit at half and apply for a "soup kitchen server" too...ughh
  7. Sanders just threw his helmet down on the way to the soup kitchen.
  8. MVS might as well be over on the bench unless Adams pulls a hammy.
  9. Starting Sanders myself tonight. Hopefully he ordered a case of "stick-em" from Amazon when he got home last week.
  10. Nobody can predict the future and be correct 100% of the time ...
  11. Now it's rocketing !!....LMAO So glad I picked him up yesterday! Ya'll could at least gimme some likes on my post yesterday for the heads up.
  12. Maybe nothing...we really don't know. But posting someone elses kids on the internet who you are in a legal battle is a real s---y thing for him to do...period.