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  1. I know it wouldn't happen but would absolutely love it if Mahomes came up and kicked him right in the balls.
  2. Chiefs vs Cardinals Game Thread

    anyone have a gif of Freek Hill with the camera yet ?
  3. Chiefs vs Cardinals Game Thread

    TyFreek Hill ...BEAST MODE ....and using the camera was pure greatness !
  4. Rex Burkhead 2018 Outlook

    +1 This guy is FF irrelavant ...hopefully my competition picks him up.
  5. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    Nobody in their right mind is trading this guy for "just back to action" Mark Ingram +WR2.
  6. Devonta Freeman 2018 Outlook

    This guy's done...with Atlanta becoming a dumpster in Offense and then his small injury prone size....i'm out. 4.2~ yrs and he's cooked.
  7. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    What's your definition of a "haul" in this case....?
  8. 2018-10-15 MNF Game Day SF@GB

    I asked my son the other day if he wanted me to go change his name to "Booger"....LOL He didn't like that...LOL
  9. 2018-10-15 MNF Game Day SF@GB

    Rodgers couldn't even get it up there for Scantling to go up and get it....dang.
  10. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    Apparently there's at least 1 Patriots fan who's a moron. Fan sprays T. Hill with beer after TD and Hill wants them prosecuted. https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/1051675017426214912 Yahoo story: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/tyreek-hill-reportedly-wants-legal-action-taken-patriots-fan-threw-beer-195600257.html
  11. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    I picked him up late 3rd in Dynasty....not planning on selling, this year anyway as I'll be 4-2 after tonight. You want him in the offseason you better come with a something big for me to let him go.
  12. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    Rustled Athetics still in biz according to this thread.
  13. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Week 12....bank on it.
  14. Jamaal Charles 2018 Outlook

    Picked him up for free....after all waivers cleared at 7am it opened...i had a spot after dropping another lame duck so worth a flyer to me to see what happens here.