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  1. 21th december, but i don`t trust this projections. Even Pels don`t know when he will return.
  2. The problems with Miro`s trade value are two - first, no one wants to sell him for his current prize (which is lower than ever), when knows that he can produce top 45 in the right situation. And second, if you trade him now for some guy in 70-80 range and Randle is traded on 15th december it will make the deal suicide. I really considered in last hours to offer Miro for Ibaka after JV`s injury (Ibaka`s owner neeeds 3s), but i really believe that Pels will be active on the market and will trade Randle for some 3 and D wing. And 10 rebs + 2.5 3s are rare in NBA. I think that the only way to trade him now is some 2 or 3 for 1 package for top 20 player (and the other owner to be desperate).
  3. RW thinks that he is top 90... Luka Doncic scored 24 points (5-of-14 FGs, 12-of-15 FTs) with 10 rebounds, six assists, one block, one steal, and two 3-pointers in 35 minutes against the Hawks on Wednesday. The Hawks got a front row seat at what they traded away as Doncic notched the first 20-10-5 game of his career. He's been alternating between good and bad games of late, with two single-digit outings sandwiched amid three 20-point games. The rookie is posting top-90 value in 9-cat leagues even with his inconsistency.
  4. Spencer Dinwiddie 2018-19 Season Outlook

    "Once a snitch, always a snitch" Swaggy P I don`t think he is a starter in this league, what about franchise player
  5. Spencer Dinwiddie 2018-19 Season Outlook

    And free him from the snitch!
  6. Joel Embiid 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy, just tell Philly that you will depart after the season, so they trade you and free us, Embiid`s owners, from your chains!
  7. Larry Nance Jr. 2018 Outlook

    Nance on the Cavs bench in your scenario. Hahaha! It`s really Cavs bench!
  8. Kyrie Irving 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I didn`t get it, why they removed his steal?
  9. Jalen Brunson 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I doubt they will risk him with game against Suns, but he will be game-call, according to reports.
  10. Jalen Brunson 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Mavs share enough the ball and always search the extra pass. I watched the first two Brunson-Doncic games and was very surprised. In one of them, i think Brunson had more asts than Doncic. So, they co-exist very well. If i had one who can drop would pick this guy until DSJ`s return. Edit: In the two games i watched, Brunson had more asts.
  11. Jalen Brunson 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    RW deff. make strange choices who to hype. They include in the following quoted comment, games in which Brunson played 8 mins combined. If you want to give the real value for the fantasy players, state the last three games in which he is starter and plays around 29 mins a game. I know it`s not Isaac, but just try to be more useful and objective. Jalen Brunson scored a career-high 17 points (7-of-9 FG, 2-of-4 FT) with four assists, three rebounds, one steal and one 3-pointer in 31 minutes Monday against the Magic. Brunson made his second consecutive start in place of the injured Dennis Smith Jr. (wrist), and he did not disappoint as the Mavericks blew out the Magic. The Villanova product extended his streak of double-digit scoring games to three, and over the last five games he's averaging 10.5 points and 3.5 assists while shooting 65.5% from the field.
  12. The problem is not exactly in the co-existing. The problem is that Miro from the bench end especially Pels` bench with these players, deff. can`t give even close value to that gave us in first month and a half. He needs space and AD and Jrue give him that in the first unit and needs someone to create for him open shots (they cover this need, too). Even when he is 4 and Randle 5, the system works, because Randle enters with the ball under the basket like raging bull and when he succeeds to take some of the defenders on his back and the others are in front of him, he throws to Miro. But in the second unit, the opposing team knows that he is the best scorer on the court plus the fact that Mirotic can`t create his shot alone, takes us to the place in which we are in the last games - in the hell. Healthy Mirotic from the bench will be better than what we saw from him in the last games, but no chance to bring the value in October or early November. If he re-enter the starting five or/and the bull is traded, than all of us can expect top 40 value ROS. So, pray for that! We, all here, are praying...