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  1. The draft is set for 20 october, sunday, 4 PM ET. There are 5 available spots.
  2. RW stops suddenly the hype machine (number 3, i think) for Isaac before the opening night and declares that he is not top 100 talent in fantasy for Roto leagues.
  3. For better, we will see in the end of march, early april 2020. I prefer to call Ayton the safest pick, for now. So many people will reach for Siakam, so i expect even 2nd round. I am with you - today, I prefer Ayton, for sure.
  4. I owned both of the guys in some periods last season (Siakam for the season and Ayton in November and December, i think). In Roto last season the answer was Siakam, for sure, because he produce in different cats and his FG% is high enough to erase the distance with Ayton in that really important cat for Ayton`s high value. In Roto this year Siakam wll go much higher in the draft, than i will be ready to pick him. In 9 cats he will be risky 3rd rounder, because his usage will be up, as the face of the future. The FG% deff. will go down, because he will try more and more shots outside the resticted area without Kawhi as the first option to open the lane and TOs will be high, too. On the other side ASTs will be up. I don`t play with TOs as cat, but the defensive stats are what scares me this season for him. Raptors last season were brilliant defensive system with Kawhi and Green, but both are out of the picture. The flame and the passion will not be the same and when the season begins as Siakam as the focal point of the offense, that will hit his desire to play in defense in some periods and that`s understandable. Maybe i am wrong, but i am not a big fan to own a guy after his breakout year, when i owned him than. On the other side, Ayton`s problem last season was Kokoskov and i posted that multiple times in his thread. With Igor`s desire to play outside offense, Ayton hasn`t much chance to produce in fantasy what he could. With new coach and possibly more touches, Ayton can be offensive monster as C, which is tough postion to fill properly in the draft day. And we are back on the deffensive stats. I believe he can give this season 1.2 blocks (he has the length and the mins), in which scenario it will worth to spend early 3rd in 10 teamers on him. If i can choose from these as best available players, today, i will go with Ayton in roto, and i am big Pascal`s fan. I think Siakam will have some normal struggles this season with his new role in Toronto and the expactions that will follow.
  5. I will wait for the end of the story
  6. It`s close between Siakam and Jrue. You can get really decent value from Siakam now and you have 2 bigs in the keepers, so try to flip him for top 5 pick and some 3rd or 4th rd pick. With 40 keepers, you can add really nasty player with top 5 pick. That last year for Jrue to own, on the other side, will decrease trade value, if the others pay attention and i think his best year will be this season. After that, he may not be in NOLA (different timeline with Zion, BI, Zo and the others). Not a big fan of Lauri M at all, because his FG% can be disaster and Mitch is in too crowded rotation in the Knicks frontcourt for h2h.
  7. I have no answers from 5 owners, so if someone is interested, there are available spots.
  8. Wall for Paul was jackpot last year! I traded Horford/Thad Young for Paul before the season and never looked back, even with his injuries. In Roto, CP3 is still valuable and i think this year some of us can grab him even outside top 50.
  9. I agree, but last year I drafted JoJo with the 16th pick in 10-teamer and in many mocks Wall was drafted even earlier (in my league he was at 20, i think), so 1 year ago the difference between them was not too big as now.
  10. I want Jazz and Bulls - I have 2 advices for you If you want the league to survive after the first season and be competitive this year, you should reduce the number of teams to 10. With 12 teams you will create 2-3 super teams with 4-5 players in top 40 (for example AD, LBJ, DMC, Kyrie, KD in one team and KL, PG, Lou, Zion and Jrue in the other) and draft with players from only 6 available teams, in which there will be 1 player with chance to crack top 50 (Heat, OKC, SAS...). With less teams the draft will be more interesting for everyone and the season will be more competitive, so that will keep the attention for everyone for the next season. And second, i think there are too many cats, for example the mins cat is not ok with so many "load management". This cat is not achivement of the player, it depends on the coach. And put 4 or 5 votes to veto trade. If only you can veto a trade, that may create unnecessary heat
  11. Invite is sent on PM here. If some of the others quit in next weeks, i will post for available spots.