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  1. just drafted. critique my team whir

    Stay put with Gay. Spurs are in tough spot, so he will have the ball in his hands more, early in the season and in the preseason games he looked good. I owned Sabonis last year and he was so inconsistent. They played in the 4th too often, who was good in the first 3 qs and that hurts. I would consider to add RHJ and drop Sabonis. (TJ Leaf is pushing too in this team`s frontcourt rotation)
  2. My Team Any Good

    Hart is in tough spot. He is very, very good, but with LBJ in town, KCP is sure starter. I think Hart is better player, but his manager is not James, i mean Rich Paul . He will not have the minutes to produce in any format with so many mouths to feed in the rotation. I def. would consider to drop him. McGee for sure must be FA - limited mins with more limited potential. Don`t sleep on Reggie and DJ. At least, they will be useful for some trade with team who is short on PG, so i would pick him fast.
  3. Just drafted. What are your thoughts? WHIR!

    Very, very solid! I agree that the TOs will be problem. The other are injuries - like me, you have so risky players. High risk - high reward! By the way, why you think Embiid at 16 and Doncic at 65 in 10 team is a reach? I drafted Joel at 16 yesterday and i was shocked that he slided to me. I don`t remember mock in last weeks where he was available after 15. And Doncic was picked 48th, while i was waiting for him at 56. In recent days in mocks he went in range 30-35. Good luck!
  4. I am shocked that you have Prince, The Lord and Hield as FAs in 12 team. I would drop Gordon for The Lord and try to find some package immediately from these 3 Russell/Favors/Fournier for some big with blocks and rebs. And then would add Prince and/or Hield. If you are in ESPN this big must be PF (i don`t see another except Favors), which makes the task more difficult. If that`s the case try to buy low on Collins or look for LMA with all of the three. Look for some weaknesses in their owners` teams and use it.
  5. PG13/Ayton for Harden/Ibaka

    I am high on Ayton, too! George will be without Melo all year and without the 5-th Ninja Turtle early in the season, so he will be beast. Ibaka was such a headache for me last season and with Nurse`s decision to define starting C for every single game between Serge and JV, i def. will stay put.
  6. LBJ for Westbrook and DeRozan

    In roto i will do it immediately, especially if have player, who belongs to the waivers.
  7. URGENT - ESPN Draft Help

    My draft was yesterday and there is no way to define slots or change them in the draft. So, i think ESPN made new and another stupid change, but it is what it is.
  8. I am waiting for that in ESPN, too! Recent reports suggest that IT will not play in Denver`s opener, but i think both ESPN and Yahoo are waiting for clear message from the team and in the meantime i can`t add Brogdon from the waivers
  9. Jusuf Nurkic 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    PG: Paul, Irving, Bledsoe, Thomas; SG: G. Harris, LeVert; SF: Durant, Barton; PF: Mirotic, Portis; C: Embiid, Gobert, Nurkic;
  10. Jusuf Nurkic 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    This "bunch of players" is in my sign. When I finished the draft i realized that all of the others are good on FT (i didn`t think to make up for their weak FT%). What you think for my team? May be i have some injury prones, but if healthy...
  11. Jusuf Nurkic 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Got him at 96 and i am impressed with his preseason. In 10 team roto with Gobert, Embiid and bunch of players with 84%+ on FT, i will pray for their health
  12. Caris LeVert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Drafted him at 116. Hope he lives expectations and Nets trade Dinwiddie!
  13. Drop bell? Whir

    Drop Bell and add Len. First month he will play all the mins he can handle.
  14. Caris LeVert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Last year added Allen from waivers and watched some Nets games (in my country their games start on earliest time - 2 am) and was so disappointed with Atkinson`s rotations. So inconsistent, with so many players in and with this 28 min rule. If Dinwiddie gets traded to Suns or Spurs, LeVert will have the ball in his hands with Russel`s limitations in orchestrating the game (i hate you Jim Buss) and will get a shot for top 75. But for now in 10 team is BE player for me. However, the hype is real - in earlier mocks he was drafted at 125+ and in in recent is around 100.
  15. Waiver help WHIR

    Zach will be out of rotation soon because Giles played so well in the preseason. 20 mins are for him and with Bagley, WCS, Bjelica before him - makes Kings frontcourt disaster for fantasy (and real). Kennard is complete trash. For Rondo, Hart and KCP - stay away from my favourite team. They will be too inconsistent and the time share will hurt and the injuries are coming... Harrell is good option, but his minutes are limited until Gortat gets injured eventually. Then Harrell and Boban will boost you immediately. Gortat is on your team, so Harell is good handcuff and can make 7 REB per game with 2nd unit. Nance is injury prone, but in contract year and the coach/team likes him. Bazemore is on the trading block with PO for 18-19M next year, so Atlanta should limit his minutes, because he is not part of their future. The others will step if the player in front of them in the rotation is injured. Don`t lose your waiver priority and add Harrell/Nance as a FAs.