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  1. Sorry, this is a standard league. I haven't accepted the trade, having 2nd thoughts.
  2. I just got offered CMC for my Alex Collins and James Conner? Thoughts? My starting RBs are Fournette, Gordon and Collins
  3. Actually I did. Read my last response again then crawl back under your bridge.
  4. I agree. Could try Evans and add Conner. Take advantage of Conners temporary value spike until Bell returns.
  5. I would stick with what you have. If you feel inclined to make the trade, I would deal Diggs. He is rated behind TY and has a history of injuries
  6. The net gain of having Keenan Allen and Royce Freeman is much better than Baldwin and Lamar Miller. Miller and Freeman are about the same, yet Allen is a top 5 WR. This is a no-brainer
  7. Non-PPR league. Start 1QB, 2 RB, 2 WE, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 KICKER, 1 TEAM DEFENSE Current roster: QB Russell wilson RB Fournette RB Melvin Gordon WR TY hilton WR Brandon Cooks TE Jimmy Graham FLEX Alex Collins KICK Gostkowski DST Ravens BENCH M. Goodwin P. Barber A. Luck M. Mack L. Blount C. Ridley J. Conner Since I have Conner, should I upgrade to Bell by trading either Gordon or Fournette straight up? I get the feeling I am giving up too much. If that's the case should I package Hilton for Bell and Thomas? The other owner has Cousins Bell D. Henry Michael Thomas AJ Green Hertz Thicken Chargers Butker Bench: Lynch E. Sanders Duke Johnson Jamison Crowder Kupp James white Savants Parker
  8. 1. Prescott 2. Keenum 3. Dalton 4. Carr 5. Foles
  9. I would pull the trigger on this trade. Chargers have talked about using Allen a lot more this year. From what I saw in preseason, Freeman will be an upgrade over Miller. Granted it was preseason, he still has the potential to be a top 15 back
  10. Hogan for sure. Brady is going to feed both him and Gronk
  11. Hilton for sure. Even without luck he still played well. Gordon is fighting for targets this year and is a head case. Throw in the risk of him popping another drug test should make the decision even easier