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  1. FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Le'Veon Bell was mostly invisible in the offseason, skipping voluntary workouts, but he will be omnipresent once the season starts. He will be here, there and everywhere for the New York Jets: a running back. A slot receiver. A wide receiver. A workhorse. A decoy at times. A game-changer for the offense -- or so they hope. Jets coach Adam Gase has a chessboard in his mind, and he envisions Bell, 27, as the one player he can move anywhere on the board. How they integrate his unique skill set into the offense will be one of the season's most compelling storylines. Even though they had him in the spring for only two minicamp practices, the Jets are thinking big. https://www.espn.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/80191/leveon-bell-effect-how-the-jets-star-can-impact-everyone-around-him
  2. At #6 give me Melvin Gordon over DJ.
  3. From a skills standpoint, a top 5 RB has more of an ability to breakout for long TDs.
  4. Maybe I read what I was quoting wrong as I must have been talking about DJ since I've had Kamara as my #4 RB all along in PPR. ...that, or maybe I was strictly talking about standard as I do think Kamara might drop a spot or two in standard. At any rate, DJ to me is a borderline top 10 RB this season. I might go as high as #9 for DJ in a PPR, but DJ doesn't even crack the top 10 in a standard imo.
  5. You'd lose that bet. I grew up watching Barry. I guarantee you nobody confuses Barry with being a pounder.
  6. MJD is a special case. His thighs took up half his body.
  7. Okay. For starters, Royce is a lot bigger.
  8. Sanders ran to avoid tackles. Freeman has a bruising style. You really can't compare.
  9. Similar value to Chubb? How about David Montgomery? Others might be Devonta Freeman, Aaron Jones and Marlon Mack.
  10. It's possible a brand spanking new spread shotgun offense full of rookies could ultimately fall flat in the NFL.
  11. So Michel has been missing OTAs and apparently, nobody knows why. I'm currently trying to compare Michel to the Bears rookie David Montgomery. I have both just outside my top 20.
  12. It's not much. I was just clarifying the facts. When you said $500,000 with no guarantees, I knew he had to be getting more than the rookie minimum.
  13. Actually... no need to edit... keep going. I keep thinking they'll trade Duke at the deadline knowing Hunt will soon be joining them, but maybe they'll just trade Hunt instead if Duke and Chubb are working out good together. Let's just say, they have options and a habit for trading away RBs at the deadline.
  14. If we're talking about team expectations, it matters more that they initially signed him for $1.1 mil plus incentives. That's where they decided his worth is.
  15. The stats I list for him above is probably his floor. He very well could shoot up a bit more depending on just how much they use him making him a more enticing prospect. I said above that I have him just behind Aaron Jones who I expect to get more TDs, but I'm tempted to add another 100 yards rushing which in turn puts Kerryon over Aaron Jones as my #16 RB. I'm back and forth with these two RBs. If it was last year's offense in Detroit I'd stick with Aaron Jones, but with Bevel as the OC in Detroit I can see Kerryon with more production.