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  1. Starting with full confidence.
  2. I'm tempted to scream and dump Darrel, however, that wasn't the best game to judge things by. The Chiefs offense was getting beat up and in the second half they had to pass.
  3. Started him and he got me 7 points. It's still hard to say if that was the right call. I had Frank Gore who most experts were saying I should start instead, but I benched him for Penny because I'm picturing the Titans run D virtually shutting out Gore this week.
  4. Aside from his fumbling issues, Carson is a much better talent than Penny. You really can't say "just as good," Carson has a little Beastmode in him that Penny just doesn't have. Penny is a "take what they give you" RB, but you don't see him creating additional yards like Carson will.
  5. I get that, but in my 20-team league I don't think I can afford to drop him.
  6. Droppable? Huh? If you carried him through this last game, why not a little longer? He should be back this week.
  7. He's not being rated too high, but somehow I see Brady suddenly going to his TE a lot.
  8. If Noah Fant is sitting out there at TE you might want to snag him.
  9. If you can just add Darrel... add him.
  10. Looking at the chart below, that equates to guys who run a 4.6 ... https://www.healthyfoodhouse.com/u-s-government-finally-admits-cannabis-really-kill-cancer-cells/?fbclid=IwAR3rhMxtAtjCyr-KxuWzrdzPlLB4yEFHWBi485sQVftJ9jCBR_L9lGz6Y1E One difference tho,,, the speeds listed are derived from their top speed being the last 20 yards of their 40. In other words, they weren't in cleats.
  11. Nah... he's riding my bench this week. I'm flexing Darrel Williams and Javon Landry instead.
  12. That's up to Pete Carroll who in his media coverage explained that Carson is fine and will continue starting providing he clears up his fumbling issue. So, whatever the number is, it's something more than he currently has... and I presume one more than he currently has. Should he simply figure it out and stop fumbling, he'll continue to start. It terms of talent, Penny doesn't touch Carson.
  13. Even just to change your starting line-up?
  14. Carson is far and away the better RB (aside from fumble issue). At no point this season has he threatened for a 50/50 share, but if Carson fumbles again he certainly could.
  15. Does this actually help you to use the strategy of never making any roster line-up changes until Sunday morning? To each his own I guess. Frankly, I just don't see any advantage in waiting to move players around unless maybe you're trying to keep your opponent guessing? Is that it?