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  1. RB to pick up - WHIR

    Tough one. I'd pick up Lindsay before Ekeler because he may have a more true split load, but I don't think Lindsay is big enough to be a lead back or get the goal line touches like Freeman.
  2. Lineup Help WHIR 100%

    I'd run Goodwin and Cobb here. Allen has a safer floor than Cobb but a lower ceiling.
  3. Start-Sit Help WHIR

    Collins & Agholor. I'd start Ebron with Doyle hurt.
  4. Would pick up Stafford and Michel, drop stills and texans
  5. Tough one but going agholor here with wentz
  6. Flex D Thomas or Godwin? WHIR

    Bump. Also, Thomas playing in the rain
  7. .5 ppr. DT has tough matchup against baltimore and has been baaaaad lately. Godwin Playing well good matchup vs Pitt but is #2/3 receiver.....
  8. Answering questions

    Drop Fitzpatrick for Big Ben Monday night? I'll use this qb to fill in for Wentz during tough weeks and bye weeks, plus on Monday night. Thanks!
  9. No doubt I'd take Howard. You gotta think he and Fitz have the talent and roles to win out over the course of the season.
  10. Cooks over Demaryius in PPR?

    I am also a DT owner. Cooks is a substantial upgrade -- right now I doubt DT plus Corey davus would get it done bc Cooks is playing lights out, Mariota is hurt and DT keeps dropping passes. May have to wait for DT to have a decent game, which he will if they keep spraying him with targets.
  11. Riddick probably is the safe play, but Dede has the better ceiling.
  12. Drop Carson for Geronimo WHIR

    Might depend on your wide receivers. I think Carson is the best back in Seattle but that is a muddy backfield committee behind a bad O-Line, so the ceiling is pretty low. No problem dropping him if you prefer Geronimo. He clearly has Rodgers' trust.
  13. Conner/Evans for Mccaffery/Fitz

    I like the Conner-Evans side for the Bell owner if he thinks it helps him make the playoffs. Fitz is pretty much unplayable right now because that offense is so bad, and Mike Evans is a pretty big upgrade imo. Looks like a trade that's pretty fair and could help both sides.
  14. Trade for Baldwin?

    That's a tough trade because it's hard to gauge value of injured players, and the seahawks look so bad. I'm a Baldwin owner, and I'd consider moving him for Golladay or definitely Hyde, but if I owned either of those guys I probably wouldn't trade them for Baldwin. Also depends on what he needs.