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  1. Yeah, if I promise not to hit women can they stop talking about it for the next half hour?
  2. I can confirm your fears are realistic
  3. Yes, a monologue on the sociological impact of domestic violence. I know that's when and where I like to receive takes on the issue, right in the middle of a football game from Boog
  4. That's not the real problem. It's that they can't manage their program properly. They talked right over that interception. There's plenty of time in a football game to deliver these messages they've decided they want sent. CALL THE GAME!!!
  5. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    What a fool. I don't think he deserves to be kicked out of the league or even cut from his team, but I'll have little sympathy for him regardless. Derailing your own career like this just plain old stupid. Maybe it will be a wake up call for him. Losing millions can do that for some people.
  6. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    Right, and they already have one of the best receiving backs in the league. If something were to happen to White though, Sony might have more work than he can handle
  7. Alshon Jeffery 2018 Outlook

    I don't know about "high-end WR1" my mind a high-end WR1 is someone like AB or Nuk. That said, I think WR3 is ridiculous and Alshon should be a starter for any team that's not totally stacked at WR. I agree that Tate should help rather than hurt Alshon. He's like a GL RB -- anytthing that helps the offense get more RZ possessions helps Alshon.
  8. Alex Collins 2018 Outlook

    Plus: Fournette, Cook, Freeman, Shady, Henry, Miller, Ajayi, Royce, Marshawn, Ingram, Rex... If you decided to go RB in the 10-40 range, odds are you haven't been happy with the returns so far. Pretty much everyone except for McCaffrey and Mixon in that range has been somewhere between disappointing and disastrous. I'm not happy to have drafted Collins, but I know I could have done worse drafting an RB there.
  9. Jared Cook 2018 Outlook

    This has been Cook so far this year. Either he gives you 2 pts or 20 pts. I'm ready to fire him up again next week
  10. DeAndre Hopkins 2018 Outlook

    Great news for Hopkins owners. With Fuller out they need another weapon to open the defense up. Nuk will get more targets (especially RZ targets) if the offense stalls less frequently. DT is going to help keep Watson rolling.
  11. Golden Tate 2018 Outlook

    Send him back to Seattle
  12. Ty Montgomery 2018 Outlook

    Montgomery says he was concerned the ball would fall outside of the end zone. Didn't look that close to me
  13. I guess you've never lost after pulling ahead because your guy fumbles and then is shutout, which of course is good for you
  14. Jared Cook 2018 Outlook

    ROS schedule: @SF, LAC, @ARI, @BAL, KC, PIT, @CIN (wk15), DEN (wk16) That's a pretty nice line-up. I think Cook is in the 4-6 range at TE.