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  1. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 16

    I did, I was concerned about JuJu. Still am a little. Wanted JuJu and Cohen, but if it was a perfect world I wouldn't have lost Odell and Hunt. I think I do have to replace Cohen for JuJu before late game start though.
  2. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 16

    Standard non-PPR league, start 2/3, Cohen, Diggs, or JuJu
  3. Russ/Gronk for Luck/Burton???

    Burton on bye, gronk banged up is still top 2 TE in the league. I think I take it personally.
  4. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 5

    Non-PPR, 2 flex, need to start two out of the three as my wr2/Flex 2. Wr1: OBJ Rb1:Hunt Rb2: Barkley Flex1: CMC Cannot decide between Hill, Kupp, or JuJu. And does John Brown being on my bench change anything? I didn't even consider him as an option initially.
  5. Trade away Conner?!!

    With Bell coming back, if you can trade Conner to the Bell owner this late in the game, and still get a starter, you're winning. Conner for JuJu straight up seems like a massive win for you Conner/Garcon for JuJu still a win
  6. WR 2 and Flex Help

    Golladay and yeldon. Lions be looking to make a comeback and be throwing, yeldon is the starter against a Pat's team who isn't stopping the run
  7. Roll Yeldon or Royce?

    Fournette is out. Yeldon
  8. Who to flex

  9. Pettis or Geronimo in standard

    Pettis. Goodwin out, Pettis saw action with Goodwin in. Cb1 moves over to cover Garcon, Pettis sees even more action today.
  10. Which one to bench this week

    Sit Carson. Bears got beat by the pass, they stopped the run mostly.
  11. Ummmm. Who the hell do I sit? PPR

    I'm high on Kupp, but matchups dictate he's a sit compared to the others.
  12. Rodgers gonna rodge. If he comes out, it'll only be long enough to get shot with some pain juice. They'll keep him in the pistol/shotgun. Rodgers starts all day
  13. which 2 QB's?

    Pack goes to the pistol/shotgun. Rodgers gonna rodge. Nothing to worry about there. Rodgers/Brady
  14. Worth taking a shot at D. Pettis?

    Pettis has the highest ceiling to me, but conventional thinking would be if niners get out in front they'll go to the run game. It's a gamble but I'd go Pettis. Your flex could certainly make or break your weekend here.
  15. I put white above burkhead only because of your .5 ppr. Marshall is relevant because of Baldwin being out this week, and Lockett saw action even with Baldwin in, meaning both will see more action but Lockett should see more. I rank it Lockett, White, Marshall, Burkhead.