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  1. I traded William's away because I have duke. And wanted out of the situation
  2. You have theilen and diggs? I'd still say Kupp.
  3. I have the same problem. I'm going Westbrook
  4. Slight over reaction I'd say. But Diggs can go big too. Hope you have some other decent wrs
  5. That's a tough one for sure. Shady isn't up to speed on the offense yet, so his week 1 wont even be full potential. But if William's goes off, shady may just be his backup all year. But it's also a crazy offense where everybody could be getting the ball. Breida's job isn't secured either until this weekend but I personally like him better. I wanted out of the KC running back situation that I already traded William's away. I say go for Breida and hope for him to earn his job this weekend
  6. You look good now, and by playoffs you'll have the trade of the year in your league
  7. I'd drop Shady at this point, but come Tuesday everything may change
  8. Personally, I've never liked TB12 for fantasy. He'll go off for 40 and then have two weeks at 20. With OBJ helping Mayfield, I wouldn't drop him. That being said, obj may open up opportunities for njoku at the goaline. And no AB could open up opportunities for waller. I'd stand pat without a pat
  9. Damn, that would have been nice. I like the idea of hanging yourself out a little bit to get him, because it could turn into huge upside come fantasy playoff time, but Evan's for AB is too much hanging out
  10. Ab will be a bench stash for a week or two, but if you can get him to bite for a 2/1 with a bench rb and wr. I always say offer it, and let them counter or say no. Then work from there.
  11. Way too early to be doing that imo. No actual clue what he's going to be. Unless your team can handle losing Evan's. I'd try a straight up diggs for brown though.