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  1. What other pf/c from the wire can average 1+ 3s, 1+ steal, 2+ ast, 10+ points, and 7 rbs. He'll play 4 games next week, good chance you get MINIMUM 4 threes/4 steals/8 assists/40 points/28 rebounds while not hurting you anywhere. Could even get 1-2 blocks from him in that stretch.
  2. Been getting 30+ minutes the last 3 games, averaging 15.6 pts, 7 assists, 1.3 threes. Only competition trey burke... must add?
  3. Isn't his knee still bothering him, though?
  4. Do you think given minutes in the 30s, do his 1 three per game, assists, and steals going to be consistent for the rest of season? I dropped RoLo for him seeing how Powell has been putting up 3s, steals, an good assists for a center.
  5. I got a bye on first week playoffs, so his bad first week wouldn't hurt, and his 4 games on the finals is niiiiice. Dropped Gay for him.
  6. Top 75-80. He's at 62 the past week averaging 59/85/16pts/4.5rbs/2.3 blks. He won't be this good rest of season. More likely 55/72/14/4.5/1.4
  7. He just got picked up today.. sigh lol. I wasn't sure if his production will stay consistent ROS given his low minutes. I thought Rabb missing time would lead to more Noah but Bruno and Parsons simply ate some of those minutes up. I'm sticking with Gay for a few more games. His recent two games under-27 minutes were because of a b2b and mismatch against a bigger frontcourt.
  8. Don't forget 3 assists for a center. Blocks and assists combo is what's tempting me to drop Gay for Noah.
  9. I'm in 9 cat h2h 12 team league. I'm trying to trade for Draymond Green with John Collins, does anyone think I'm under or over selling Collins?
  10. 16.8 pts/4 rbs/1.6 blks/66 fg%/76 ft%, and 1 t/o since portis and parker were traded away, been playing 32 min a game for 3 straight so far
  11. Someone's trading their Dray and PatBev for my Levert and Gay. Should I take it?
  12. Played 23 minutes on his second game coming back from a major injury. Wouldn't be surprised he's playing 28-30+ minutes again after the break.
  13. Nets in a tight playoff hunt and they'll need as much scoring as they can get. You're not going to rely on harris or crabbe or carrol as your top scorer next to dlo, and that's why levert would still get usage and shots. Maybe slight decrease in points and assist, slightly more threes, with everything else unchanged. I'd guess 16pts/4rbs/3ast/1.2stl/0.4blk/1.5 3s rest of season/46%fg/2to
  14. Got dropped in my 12 team league. Is he worth a waiver 1 claim? He looks to be averaging the same as Jabari, but with better %s, stocks, and less t/o.