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  1. Of course I'm starting him! He's due. No TDs in a few weeks. Jameis is going back to what he knows... 8-110-1 incoming
  2. Traded Carlos Hyde for James White after Week 3. JW then went; 31 23 14 29 25 28 ...and Hyde faded into irrelevancy. Bombs.
  3. With Emmanuel out I've got to adjust. Subject says it.
  4. Full PPR; David J Mixon J White Dalvin Cohen Ekeler whir 100 - thx bros
  5. Greg Z was my highest scorer this week. One starter in double digits (Mixon 11). Out of the Playoffs (had a chance for last spot) Goff David J Mixon Evans Sanders Ekeler Opponent was 1-10, had Kareem Hunt in starting lineup, and hadn’t logged in since Oct 28th. I scored 70 in Full PPR. Bench; Cohen, Dalvin, J White, Boyd (all great days) RIP 2018 FFF (**** fantasy football) Squad
  6. I'm rolling GB this week. They're ranked #3 for this week on one site (PHI #11), and #6 on another (PHI #8).
  7. J White for sure. Gus for the hot hand. I think Yeldon will do OK, but I'm just not 100 on how the Jags will use him/Hyde. Thx for mine.
  8. Golladay. He will get his. Similar question with some of your players...
  9. I'm feeling good about him over Golladay and J White in flex. Been holding and hoping. Glad to have another solid RB emerge as James White has really dropped off.
  10. Breida is awesome when healthy, and clear #1. Thanks for mine.
  11. Repped and whir'd 100. Thanks all... Still accepting advice.
  12. Do it. Quality > quantity (at this point of the season) Thanks for mine.