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  1. Jones has a much easier schedule ROS. NYJ, WASH, MIA x 2 etc
  2. BUMP for some more? it would be one of my WR (above group) + Hunter Henry FOR Deshaun Watson and Keenan. I’ve got Waller and WRs above. He needs a TE (Everett) and I need a QB (been rotating Goff/Winston) ***we are tied for 2nd at 4-2 apiece.*** He didn’t like OBJ, he asked for Julio. Would Thielen be too much?? I wont give up Julio or Godwin. Thoughts on Thielen vs Keenan ROS?? Also I’m not opposed to holding as Goff has ATL & CINN next and Jameis has ARI week 10. I feel like I can continue to stream (Stafford, D Jones, Minshew, cousins, NYJ QB on wire) thanks all >>> Whir >>> Rep!
  3. Julio Godwin OBJ Thielen which one of these 4 would you cut loose if you had to?? thx // whir!! Thanks
  4. RB2 lock and load, no worries. Not sure what all the fuss is about. Jamaal gonna Jamaal, and A-AJ gonna get his.
  5. -1 in our league for INT. 4 pt TD. He had 19.4 total
  6. Wish I would have started him over Goff.
  7. I got; OBJ & Kerryon Johnson I gave; G Tate & Marlon Mack Current RB; Chubb, A Jones, (Kerryon), Tevin C, MIles S Current WR; Julio, Godwin, Theilen, (OBJ), J. Brown Like the OBJ upside & Playoff schedule (vs CIN and ARI weeks 14/15). Like Kerryon's pass catching vs Mack's injuries and no pass catching (Hines comes in). He's 1-4 and hating OBJ. I'm 3-2 (3rd).
  8. You people trying to unload OBJ are hilarious. Dude just offered me OBJ for Mack & Theilen lmao OBJ is garbage. Chark alone is better than the OBJ/Singletary side.
  9. Are you guys nuts?? Anyone but OJ. OJH is a 0, and he's gotten a 0 this season. 0 pts & 0 targets. (I drafted him in the 5th and dropped couple weeks ago) I'd go Fant
  10. Except DJ won't be out. Sad times.
  11. Happy to see him go off on my bench. Really hoping he becomes a reliable WR for BYEs and FLX options.
  12. As far as I know they have the easiest schedule in the NFL this year. How about you look it up yourself? On second thought, I take it back. You should definitely trade them for Joe Mixon lolol