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  1. Just keep Deshaun. Can’t trust the buccaneers with inconsistency and always switching between QBs. Who else is available on waivers for QBs?
  2. Thanks brotha! I was thinking the same thing! The team I’m playing this week is... Winston Mixon Chubb Beckham Landry Boyd Brate Dalvin Cook Patriots Lutz Do you think I can pull out the dub?
  3. Out of those 4 people, 2 RB and 1 in my flex, which 3 should I start? This is a must win for me and my current lineup looks like... Cousins Gordon Mack Hopkins Hilton Jeffery Hooper Lindsay Dallas Fairbairn Should I leave it as is or start Breida? What do you guys think? Must win...
  4. Eli’s a mess. Humphries has been looking good getting a lot of targets lately. I have Desean Jackson but he’s a boom or bust. Would you drop Jackson for Humphries and Moore for Shepard? I have Sutton too he’s on a bye should I drop him or keep him?
  5. Should I pick up Dez off waivers tonight? My team is hurting and I’m 3-6. I have to win every game now. My whole team is on bye this week. I have Hopkins, Jeffery, D. Thomas, Jackson, Sutton, D. Moore...Melvin Gordon, Marlon Mack, Lindsay and Breida. Thinking of picking up Humphries and Sterling Shepard On waivers to fill in for the byes but I need to win and was wondering if it’s worth picking up Dez and if he’ll play this week?????
  6. But I’m getting Boyd and Ridley. Cohen isn’t bad either. Bad matchup last week. He won’t give up Chubb and nobody else wants to do business. My team is basically done lol
  7. Should I Trade Hopkins And Trubisky And Receive Boyd, Ridley And Ingram? Need some thoughts. A lot of people on my team are on bye and I’m 3-6. I have Melvin Gordon, Mack, Lindsay, Breida, Jeffery, Hopkins, Thomas, Sutton, Jackson. He also has Nick Chubb. Should I ask for Chubb instead of Ingram? Might be too much value. Idk any thoughts?
  8. Thanks pal. I’ll check it out. What about Gronk or Cook?
  9. Thanks bud. I’ll check it out. What about Gronk or Cook?
  10. Ok thanks pal. But the big question is Gronk or Cook? Tough call with Gronks performance...
  11. I hope so. It’s also a Thursday night game and players never do so much on Thursday night. Sunday is a showdown between Brady and Rodgers so that should be good for Gronk but who knows. I’m tempted to pick up David Moore he has 4 TDs in 4 games. Sounds legit. I managed to get Sutton and DJ on waivers today...
  12. I have to start two this week. One at WR and one at flex. Which two would you start?
  13. Thanks bud. Just wondering because Cook has a juicy matchup against the 9ers this week. It’s a must win for me and Gronk has been slacking. It could be his breakout game this week against the Packers...