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  1. I made this trade a few weeks ago thinking it was a good deal and everyone told me to do it now I feel stupid. People told me I was trade raping the buyer but now I feel Trade raped. Should I be worried? What should I do? Should I trade Allen again? I’m very disappointed. Will he bounce back?
  2. Flex Damien tonight against the Broncos, Fuller against the Colts Or McLaurin against the 9iners?
  3. W Traded Ridley and Mack for Allen a few weeks ago. Very disappointed. Should I be worried?
  4. He just replied to me on Instagram. I guess it’s a sign...
  5. Should I drop Hollywood Brown For Golden Tate?
  6. Just traded for Keenan Allen and I’m very disappointed. Should I try to trade him or hold onto him? Keenan and Coleman for Eddleman and Freeman?
  7. Drop Hollywood or Fuller for Golden Tate or keep Hollywood and Fuller?
  8. I traded for Keenan a couple weeks ago and I’m really disappointed
  9. Help! Tyreek is back! Which 4 should I start? I have to bench one?
  10. Diggs Or Christian Kirk If he’s healthy this week? Who would you start?
  11. If Tyreek is back this week which 4 would you start?
  12. Chargers vs Steelers? Or Redskins vs Miami? Would would you go with?