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  1. He’s good. But. Boom or bust guy for now. Let’s see few more weeks to solidly a spot
  2. Here’s to hoping u good recovery week 3 🍻
  3. It’s bad, how bad the dolphins are. Keep sleeping your heart out Dan.
  4. Yep, he’s durable and looks to be a big part of offence. I enjoyed watching him last season and expect him to improve if stays healthy. AJ is a clear cut RB1
  5. With Breidas increased workload coming will help you on this one for the meantime. Fournette will be a solid RB and believe he will be on par with ekeler until Gordon returns.. then you can play both MGIII and Fournette. No need for ekeler and Gordon on your team after week 6-10 moving on. Gordon will go off in the 2nd half of season for his new contract. Your depth at wr is A so giving up Saunders is easier to do as well. Hopkins, Lockett. T. William,crowder Breida and Fournette kelce 1st third of the season with this roster can put you in a good position. Then finishing with MGIII and Fournette RB1&2 is a great play. This team could feast in the latter half and playoffs. GL sir.
  6. Waller - love the floor and will be in game script being down kenny - tough match up flash - boom bust up big mclaurin - lots of targets playing down Crazy gut telling me waller and mclaurin.. with Gordon not far behind. Thoughts?