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  1. Looked good to me, no one touched till ball carried over plane. Lazy ravens D there
  2. Nice to see Denzel got the start today.. man he can do anything, any role.
  3. R u srs? Totally different games. Football physicality requires one game winner takes all. Durability higher in other sports... either way you like, it is what it is.. parity sucks in nba with diva super teams, nba has been s--- lately, nfl on way better track. You do you though..
  4. 82 games to determine warriors another win. Cool script bro. NFL x100 better
  5. Ouch man, telling a brother he won you a chip’ and you love him, but won’t touch him again, that’s cold bro...
  6. These Seattle boys are locked in.. Bet paid off tonight.. nice one seahawks