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  1. QB: Brees WR: Hopkins WR: Woods RB: Gordon RB: Elliott TE: Kittle FLEX: Derrick "League Winner" Henry K: Lutz
  2. I would start Carr until Russell starts performing better. Njoku vs McDonald 0.5 PPR
  3. Colts offense is a dumpster fire (maybe due to injures? first Colts game I've watched this season). Still, I started Hines this week and am happy with his performance and how he looked.
  4. I would definitely start Michel, and probably Boyd as well. You have a few good options for flex. I would probably start Jones > Ridley > Lindsay > Fuller, but I am really not confident in that ranking. I think Jones is the safest bet with a higher floor than Lindsay. My matchup is really close, Yahoo has us at even. I'm more comfortable with Ekeler, but Hines seems like such a good option this week with the injuries around him.
  5. 0.5 PPR Hines vs Ekeler Coleman is another option, but I prefer Hines or Ekeler over him this week.
  6. I would rather keep Howard over Burton. I'm a big fan of Howard and think he establishes himself as one of the top-tier TEs this season. You can try trading for one of those 3 TEs, but it's not worth the trouble imo. All 3 are hit-or-miss and you should just grab Njoku if you have confidence in him.
  7. All three are in similar positions, but I would go with Ridley. I watched every play of his versus the Saints and his stats could have been even better without a few defensive PIs. He could become a 1B to Julio imo. Of course, the other two have produced and may end up having a better season, but that's my opinion based on what I have seen.
  8. I would stick with Fournette. Brady hasn't produced much this season and Fournette is top-tier when healthy. Surely you could get more for him.
  9. No question. You have decent depth at WR and Barkley would be a huge upgrade. Definitely keep your eye out for an upgraded backup RB, though. I'm not a fan of Mack.
  10. I would go Sanders. Ajayi may perform better, but his injury makes me hesitant.
  11. Agreed on Wilson and Miller. You could go Michel, but I would trust Miller more.
  12. I would definitely make that trade. As others have said, it really comes down to Hyde vs Brieda, and I like Hyde much more.
  13. Allison or Stills. I would probably rather have Stills between the two, but it's close. I like the upside of Williams and Ridley more, and Agholor is most proven.
  14. I trust Enunwa over Fitz if you need stability at WR. If you have solid starters and depth, go for Gordon because he could turn out to be a WR1. Either way, I would rather have Gordon/Enunwa based on what we have seen so far.
  15. I like your current lineup. I trust Ebron more than Njoku, despite his dud last week. Williams > Cobb and Fitzgerald -- I like his upside moving forward. Wouldn't start Freeman, even if he makes it onto the field. You could consider Cooper over Crabtree, but I don't feel too strongly either way.