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  1. i‘d do the trade, even if your depth takes a hit. but looking ahead for the playoffs, an elite TE could make the difference.
  2. Hi, I requested another manager for a Hopkins trade. He is last in my league, but still has a chance for consolation. My first offer was OBJ and Ingram, because I have enough RBs on my roster. He said he would do the trade, even for Ingram alone... I don't know why he wants to downgrade the trade, this seems strange to me. So obviously the trade will happen, but a want to make a fair deal after all... So I would like to hear your opinion on: Is OBJ+Ingram too much? Would Ingram alone for Nuk be unfair? 10 teams, standard scoring Thanks for your opinions, WHIR
  3. Sutton, Sanders or Ridley ROS? Standard Scoring Sanders is the obvious choice i think. But I‘m not sure... They all have pretty good matchups going towards playoffs... WHIR
  4. I'd pick Gordon over Jones too, but would choose Fournette over both if he practices the whole week.
  5. Nothing to add to Zekepeak86s post, start Ryan this week
  6. McDonald wasn't much of a factor in Pittsbourghs passing offense and won't be the rest of the season IMO. I'd pick Hooper over Ebron, because of the good matchup and an expected decrease of Ebrons volume due to Hiltons and Doyles returns the last weeks.
  7. Drop Robinson over Sutton, but I don't think you need this handcuff. There should be some useable RBs on Waivers/FA in your 10 team league if McCaffrey gets hurt.
  8. I would take Ryan, but i think you didn't recognize White AND Chubb are on BYE in week 11! So you would have only one active RB next week. Hope you have not accept the trade yet.
  9. I think you are too thin and injury prone at RB to give Gordon away.
  10. Hi Guys, i would appreciate some thoughts on parts of my week 10 lineup, standard scoring. Especially my RBs and the Flex position are kind of a gamble... RBs: Zeke @ PHI Mixon vs NO Mack vs JAX Michel @ TEN Ingram @ CIN WRs: M. Thomas @ CIN OBJ @ SF Ridley @ CLE (Landry at waivers for Sutton who is on BYE? I'd prefer holding on to Sutton though) TE: Kittle vs NYG Burton vs DET 2RB, 2WR, 1FLEX, 1TE I listed them in my currently preferred order... WHIR
  11. I would stay with butker too and stream a kicker with good matchup on his bye
  12. Carr Mayfield Trubisky Flacco in this order
  13. Sutton over 1. Corey Davis 2. Doug Baldwin 3. Mike Williams
  14. Hi guys, i can pick two of Sutton, Ridley, DJ Moore and Coutee as my flex/backup WRs behind OBJ and Thomas. I would like to hear your opinion on a replacement for OBJ this week and looking forward to the rest of the season. Standard scoring. Thanks for your help, WHIR