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  1. Miles Sanders, then Westbrook, then Crowder at 3rd for me. Help on mine?
  2. I'd drop Jackson. Of the 3 he has the hardest track to playing time. Coleman is already injured and Breida is no stranger to injuries himself, and Gio is a must have for any Mixon owner. If Ekeler gets hurt, theres a good chance the Chargers pony up and pay Gordon. And even if not, Gordon likely returns week 7-9 range. Jackson is the least likely to have a long stretch of value of the 3.
  3. I'm keeping Carson here. I like Singletary, and Williams looks awfully valuable this season. But theres something to be said for keeping the most established player that you can trust. Barring injury, Carson will likely be a top 12 RB this year. Singletary has a much wider range of outcomes, and the Raiders could fall apart or Williams could fade as the season goes on. Keep your stud. Thanks for help on mine.
  4. I'm going with Ridley as well, I expect the Falcons to put up a lot of points mostly through the air. Help on mine?
  5. I'm going with Ridley here as well. I expect the Falcons to put up a lot of points, mostly through the air. Help on mine?
  6. I'd drop Freeman because you have Ingram. I don't see him being great in that offense and with a 50% or less timeshare. However, of the two I think Freeman has more standalone rest of season value. But handcuffing Ingram by keeping Hill makes sense (even though Gus Edwards would likely be heavily involved in case of an Ingram injury). Help on mine?
  7. I've gotta go Carr here. ANY other week the answer would be Rodgers, but Carr's matchup is just too good to pass up, and Rodgers may be involved in another lower scoring slugfest. Help on mine?
  8. Pick 1RB, 1WR, and a flex Options: Aaron Jones, Duke Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, John Brown, John Ross .5ppr league WHIR, thanks!
  9. Started both Jones and Monty in one of my leagues. Guess I can give up on that one... lol
  10. You have to think he plays 4 times a week as the season progresses. He's just too good of a hitter not to. The ability to always put the ball in play is undervalued but so important in the modern 3 true outcomes game.
  11. ^^^^This. Lets show patience and enjoy his slow but hopefully continual breakout
  12. Just got this guy on waivers. Haven’t been following his season, any idea what should I be expecting here?