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  1. Adams + RJax for CP3? WHIR

    I'd do this trade in a heartbeat. In a category league Rjax is bordering on droppable, and Adams is solid 6th round value but hurts you in FT%. CP3 is great for cat leagues and despite his slow start is a solid 2nd round value as long as he's healthy. If this is offered to you don't hesitate. Help on mine?
  2. CP3 and Nurk for Lilliard.. WHIR as always

    Keep Lillard, he's easily the best player in the trade.
  3. Accept this? Whir

    I actually like the Embiid side in points leagues, but i think you should ask for someone a little better than RHJ, someone with less injury history and a bigger role. Maybe a 6th/7th round value guy. Thanks for help on mine
  4. Who should I drop for Green/Tucker? WHIR

    I'd drop either cedi or RHJ for green. I'm not a huge fan of tucker and think all the players on your team are better than him. Green however is pretty solid and gets you rare efficiency and stocks. And deciding between Cedi or RHJ is hard. If you are going for stocks tho, you should keep RHJ I think. Help on mine?
  5. Depends slightly on your format, but i think this is a tough trade to sell until we know collins' timeline. If collins were healthy i'd say jump on this deal, especially in a category league (because ingles is top 30ish in non points leagues). But Collins is a major shutdown candidate on a likely tanking team and might now play until december. I'd say ask for more if you are interested in dealing booker (which i understand considering his injuries and %s/TOs deficiencies). Help on mine?
  6. 2-2 trade, who wins? WHIR

    I'm in a 10 category league (3 pt. % is the 10th cat) and I'm punting assists. I'm currently a little short on 3s so looking to upgrade. I give: Caris Levert, Elfrid Payton I get: TJ Warren, Danny Green I lose a bit in scoring, rebounds, and assists (which I'm punting) but gain 3s and 3% as well as a bit in stocks. Everything else looks about even. Is this a fair deal? Thanks and WHIR!!!
  7. Pick up Darren Collison of waivers? WHIR

    I would make this add. Collison isn't great but definitely a better option than dedmon. Help on mine?
  8. Justin Holiday or Ish Smith?

    Depends on stats that you need, but personally I would go with Justin holiday considering the opportunity he has over the next month with all the injuries in chicago. Help on mine?
  9. WHIR!- who’s my WW add??

    Forbes is the best short term pickup imo. Collins has some upside if you need blocks, and long term has upside for more. Is DMC demarcus cousins? That depends on if you have an IR spot cuz if not its not a good idea. Also if you need threes Olynyk is a good pickup. Wouldn't be interested in dedmon, payne or dinwiddie personally. Help on mine?
  10. Accept this? Whir

    In a points league Vooch is more valuable and ingles is less valuable. I would say this is a pretty even trade but might give the vooch side a slight edge considering how well he's playing and how poorly Kyrie is playing. Help on mine?
  11. Do this trade? WHIR

    10 category league (3pt % is 10th cat) been offered a 2 for 2 trade I give: J Rich and Montrezl Harrell I get: Draymond Green and Evan Fournier I'm leaning against it but still considering. WHIR!!!
  12. I would agree that I would do it, assuming the categories you want are in those you are trading for. PG>Butler just slightly, and LMA>Harris just slightly. Don't know if Grant is any good but I'm not convinced Ingram will be top 60 considering all the mouths to feed in LA. help on mine?
  13. Drop Barton? WHIR

    If you can stay competitive I would keep Barton, he's 4th or 5th round value when healthy. And I agree that Nance is potentially droppable as is Crowder. Help on mine?
  14. Barton or Dunn with 1 IR spot? WHIR

    Tough to have two players being out over a month. I might consider dropping Dunn for Bamba, but honestly not sure I would. See if you can hang in the standings while Dunn recovers and if theres bad news on one of them being out longer than expected maybe drop then? Or see if someone who isn't stashing on their IR wants to take on Dunn, you might be surprised that you could trade for someone decent. But if you have to make a move I guess Dunn for Bamba would be solid. Help on mine?
  15. Deep Punt Assist Team Trade Idea? WHIR

    I wouldn't do this unless he gives you a decent second player. Levert is playing at a top 50 level and prince is as well. Tobias is probably top 35 but unless there is someone great on the wire I think you should get more for two top 50 players. Help on mine?