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  1. D Thomas or Will Fuller ROS? WHIR

    DT is a bit annoying this year, but I'll have to go with him. I think that offense just runs better. Will there be weeks where Fuller will outscore DT, oh yeah. If you're getting offered this trade, stick with DT as the conservative choice.
  2. Waiver Wire - Week 3

    This guy needs more targets before being picked up, unless you have a deep bench
  3. Are any of you holding on? I can't trade this guy away and he's just taking up space!! EDIT: I was harsh on the title. He's not a bum, it's his team. Apologies to Mr. McCoy.
  4. Cook vs Adams

    I'll go with Adams.
  5. Trade Strategy

    How would you describe you trade strategy? Has it been successful?
  6. Trade Strategy

    In 2 to 3 sentences, how would you describe you trade strategy? Has it been successful?
  7. Drop Royce for Breida?

    I'd pick up Breida. He's looking like the majority owner of the rushing share on that team. Alf really isn't much of competition, whereas Lindsay is to Freeman. Breida is the way to go here. (I kind of want to trade Fournette away -- I think his hamstring is going to be an issue all year.)
  8. What level of crazy is this?

    I can't get anyone to take him. Maybe if I package him with Thielen? He's pretty much the only person on my team anyone will look at.
  9. What level of crazy is this?

    Ok I think I’m coming to my senses. Drop Buck instead right?
  10. Or this just straight up dumb? Team in sig. Thinking of dumping McCoy into the waivers and picking up Tyler Boyd. Let some other player deal with the crap that is the Buffalo Bills.
  11. Team in sig. Bortles has pretty good matchups week 4-6.
  12. Who to drop?

  13. Pull it. You need the upgrade at RB
  14. Thinking about sending McCoy and Kupp for Chris Thompson Thoughts? Team in sig.