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  1. Yup, horrible trade offer. Don't do it.
  2. Please Rate my team

    Thanks for the feedback. I lost walker as my starting TE and that hurt a bit. If I don't manage to get a quality TE, def or kicker I usually end up streaming those positions. I picked Chicago up from the WW earlier this week (dropped clement). My league mates have historically been stingy on trades but if the right injury happens there may be an opportunity. Thanks
  3. Please Rate my team

    3 man keeper league. Kamara, Cook and Thomas were my keepers. I selected 10th, in the what is basically the 4th round. Managed to snag Njoku off waivers this morning so I think I'm set for this weekend. Thanks
  4. So started the season 1-0 and would like to keep on the winning path. Please let me know what you think of my team and how I could possibly make it better. 12 team 1/2 point ppr. QB; Stafford & Taylor RB; Kamara, Cook, Lewis, Barber, Powell WR; M.Thomas, Fitzgerald, Landry, M.Jones, Crowder TE; RSJ (have waiver claim in for Njoku who was dropped for Kittle) DST; Saints & Bears Kicker - Who cares, it's a kicker. Thanks,
  5. Start John Brown ? WHIR 100%

    Hope you played brown. If not, I'd go with petis if Goodwin is still nursing the injury.
  6. Collins or Ertz at Flex in full point PPR

    Hope you went ertz. I hate starting Thursday night players.
  7. I think Williams is the better option.
  8. PPR - Pick my Flex (WHIR)

    Powell or Cole. I'm leaning Powell.
  9. Amari Cooper or Chris Hogan? WHIR

    Hogan would be my choice. But I have never liked cooper as he is more often dud than stud.
  10. Trade Thielen for McCaffrey?

    I personally like the thelien and Lewis combo.
  11. Connor for Ingram PPR

    Take it. You'll be fine.
  12. Add Evan Engram (and for how much)?

    How much really depends on the rest of the league and how they are doing at TE. If no one else has TE issues, than you could possibly snag him for under $10. Maybe even less. Remember too that last year engram was the #1 look after Obj went down. With a healthy Obj and now Barkley, he may be the 3rd or 4th read.
  13. I too would go with eberon as he is higher up the list than Watson for looks. Also Indy has supported 2 viable tight ends in the past with luck.
  14. I'm on board with Sanders. Think Thelien numbers from last year.