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  1. Jalen Richard 2018 Outlook

    give him credit for following through. the gians decided to show up the week after they had no mathematic possibility of making playoffs. broke nj fans on the front and back end
  2. Jalen Richard 2018 Outlook

    Raiders absolutely tanked on purpose. Chucky wants primo draft picks for when he moves to vegas. Thread aged about as well as cam newton.
  3. Trade Chubb for Sanders in PPR? WHIR

    100 percent. Chubb is way overvalued at this point.
  4. Big Trade WHIR

    Ahhh.... auction makes more sense. Amazing to have all those trades. My leagues this year wanted nothing to do with trading (except for sucker trades like dumping chris hogan).
  5. Big Trade WHIR

    Cooper and ingram for lev bell? ???? For cooks Lev bell and cooks for zeke Drake for aj green? melvin gordon at pick 10... odell somehow falls to pick 22?keeper?
  6. Big Trade WHIR

    If you dont mind, can you post the trades you made. it might be the most fascinating thing i see on this board the entire year to see what u moved to get 5 first round draft picks on one team.
  7. Big Trade WHIR

    I would just because the green injury is scary. How do you have dj, zeke, mgordon, aj green, and beckham on any team let alone a 16 team league
  8. Mixon or James White ROS??? PPR

    Mixon unless michel goes down again
  9. Make this trade? WHIR

    Trying to think of a reason not to do it because your rb2s have questions, but that deal is just too good.
  10. It is an egregious overpay. Id rather just roll the dice in the pats bye week and hope to have michel for the playoffs.
  11. Pick 3 RBs: Fournette, White, Chubb, White

    Fournette , white chubb. Have to run fournette
  12. Michel & Diggs for D.Adams [WHIR]

    Michel (if healthy) ia better than adams... plus u get diggs.
  13. Start Golladay or A-Rob? WHIR!

    Golladay, but he has been disappointing recently.