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  1. Lamar Miller for Breida? WHIR

    Breida... forman was on his way to winning the job last season.
  2. Need help with trade offer!! WHIR

    What does your roster look like. It seems both too much and yet probably not enough.
  3. JuJu on the trading block...WHIR

    Thats a heavy price. Blount gone next year and johnson and fournette are both rb8 to rb 15ish. I couldnt do that for juju. Fournette healthy helps you make a run this year.
  4. Need help with trade offer!! WHIR

    Lol. Some times negotiating makes the first deal go away when its too good. Counter one more.... michel for his best player just to be a dick.
  5. JuJu on the trading block...WHIR

    Do you have to keep the keepers in a particular round or does is round kne basically round 8?
  6. Pickup flyer tonights game

    Did not pick up asv... he did. 60 yards out the gate. Lol
  7. Howard/Keenan for Mixon?

    Dont ask for a wr... that gives him a chance to realize this is a terrible trade and back out. Seriously... how have you not hit accept?
  8. #1 Waiver - Baldwin or Mack?

    Yea i missed the roster. The is very weak at rb. Still feel like you can get breida str8 for baldwin which makes it baldwin to pick up. Maybe im just way off.
  9. Mack for Collins? WHIR 100%

    Like collins more. He is meant to be the goalline back more and hopefully they keep putting him in thatbposition. I think allen got like 3 touches last game
  10. Goff and Davis for... 100% WHIR

    I would wait for davis to get through some easier matchups. Hes played the jags, ravens, and bills(best shutdown corner in football). His value will pop if he puts 2 good weeks together and then move him. Dont fall in love with him because he has the jags and nyg(jenkins) during the playoffs. Get golladay if you can... but thr other team would have to be a sucker.
  11. Thielen + McCoy for...

    So 4 rbs... Thielen, mccoy for dj and ingram? I hate ingram though.
  12. Thielen + McCoy for...

    Youre not overhwleming at rb or wr and you arent super thin either. So all i could see you looking to do is outguess him about ros? What would a trade be that "ya got em"...thielen and mccoy for mixon and woods. Thielen and fournette for mixon and dj? I dont think either of those happen
  13. Thielen + McCoy for...

    How many wrs play? 2 or 3?
  14. Trade value

    Trade a qb with a piece to upgrade the piece