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  1. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Hyde is not fournette, but hes not a bad back and going to a much better oline. At this point, i want fournette to go on ir. Then hyde is an rb1 and yeldon is the handcuff. Thats an exceptional flex to have in standard. If all 3 are around, this whole thing just sucks
  2. Standard leagues. Are we picking him up over Mack, Geronimo allison Godwin Forman No need for immediate starter since he wouldnt crack my lineup but he is a starting rb in thr nfl now? Seriously doug martin!?!
  3. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Big drawback for when fournette does come back, hyde is going to get a lot of mop up duty if the jags are comfortably winning. Why push fournette for an extra 5 to 8 carries if he can get hurt and the game is in hand.
  4. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    I have this in 2 leagues. One with m gordon and michel and one with hunt and michel. My problem to have was having 4 rb1s every week and figuring out who to stsrt between yeldon and hyde. Now yeldon is droppable after this week, hyde gets one top 15 week and then fournette comes back and blows it all up and is just a flex.
  5. Carlos Hyde 2018 Outlook

    Clear as day given the touch share. Chubb went for 100 on 3 and still got 3 the next week. How many up and coming bellcows that supplant mid 20 some top end rbs are entrusted with just 3 touches a game. Nick chubb was not a thing and he wasnt going to be while hyde and johnson were there together this season. Great guy for next year, but it was never going to happen this year barring and injury or this crazy chain of events.
  6. Owning 3 parts of jax backfield

    Trade fournette and yeldon for chubb?
  7. Between draft and trading, i owned hyde yeldon and fournette in 2 leagues... What the hell do i do now? Move fournette and yeldon?
  8. Carlos Hyde 2018 Outlook

    Same boat. Two leagues withnfournete, yeldon and hyde. Its like this took two roster spots away. Going from running 2 top 15 backs to zero inside the top 24
  9. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    My standard teams looked great with gordon,hyde, michel, and the ability to move yeldon in and wait for fournette to get back. I nownown 3 parts of the jags backfield... its like this took 2 players from me
  10. Which trade(S) should I offer?

    Without a weakness, I say yes. Your bench WR's are pretty bad though. I think your starters are serviceable enough, but I'd have a hard time running line ups knowing that I'm sitting carson and putting dede in.
  11. Drop Aaron Jones?

    When it is a thin decision, i go with rbs. I dont know. I was a aaron jones truther but came off of it 2 or 3 weeks ago. I will say that i still think his upside is higher if things breaks the right way for him
  12. Which trade(S) should I offer?

    I hated ingram going into this year, but im suprised that everyone is saying none of these will get done. Its a nonppr with 2 flex. In redraft, ingram probably goes at the end of round 1 (if you believe consensus. The way too early rankings last year had him at like number 10 overall). Brown owner probably has no desire to give brown up . Ingram for adams is too much for adams and the dhop owner would have to be nuts (or hate ingram like me) to not take that trade. In a nonppr with 2 flex, i am not making any of these moves to get a wr. Im going to hoard rbs
  13. WHIR - Trade Fournette for Newton??

    No. Fournette can be an x factor down the stretch. Or he can be on the sideline. Who knows
  14. Hyde + Crabtree trade?

    No. 4 rbs starting. Dont give away a guy getting 20 touches.
  15. Big trade advice. Whir

    I have this same issue in 2 leagues. (Good problem to have) Strong rbs, michel in the flex and carlos hyde on my bench. Cant shop him for a reasonable return. I still prefer to have stafford and hyde on my bench than to give him away for a qb upgrade.
  16. Evans vs Hilton

  17. TY for Cook...WHIR!

    Check out news on cooks injury. Left with undisclosed injury. Threads about trades for him getting vetoed now
  18. McCaffrey for Julio and Bell? WHIR

    I m one that wants nothing to do with pitts rbs once bell is back so i wouldnt do it. If you think bell gets to bellcow status, that an easy trsde to make. I just dont like the risk considering that team is solid. (Suggest to your league to go to 3 wrs next year. Need to stretch rosters in 10 teams)
  19. Offered Michel for Diggs

    Right... so you should be starting 4 rbs in this league. Michel
  20. Trade advice WHIR

    Sorry looking at your sig Still same answer though howard is droppable and cook has too much of a cieling to let go for edelman for me. Hilton and boyd are two high end wr2s.
  21. Not saying this to be a smartass, so dont take it the wrong way... you know freeman went out for the season(fantasy atleast)?
  22. Coleman. Rbs are too vsluable this year even though he has been underwhelming
  23. Offered Michael Thomas or Theilen for..

    Trade ingram. Immediately. Throw in cobb if he doesnt realize cobb should be dropped in all formats at this point.
  24. Trade advice WHIR

    No way. Your rbs are terrible. You cant afford to give the min backfield up