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  1. I like Moore and Mixon! Good luck and thanks for mine!
  2. Lamar and Josh Gordon for me! Good luck.
  3. I like Ingram and Jackson. Tough to sit ware but Godwin should have nice game. Good luck
  4. I think you can’t go wrong with the bottom two. saints have been doing well and get the turnover prone bucs. Pats should shred dolphins who have less offensive ability. Good luck! o have les
  5. Blount has the least upside for me. Good luck!
  6. I like Carson and Jackson. Good luck!
  7. Gronk is a lock for me! Good luck!
  8. I’d probably go with Wilson or Gus. Both should have a decent day! Good luck!
  9. White is a lock for me! Good luck!
  10. Ware and Boyd for me too. Good luck!
  11. I’m on Njokus side as well! Good luck
  12. I like Mitch against the Rams tonight. Prime time and something to prove! Good luck!
  13. With what we’ve seen Adams has had a solid floor but with Sproles and Clement there I think Jackson is the better play this week! Good luck
  14. I like Ingram, but I think this has to be Cohen. He’s a mini CMC or Kamara if you will. Good luck!