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  1. Let’s do it, live and die together 😝👊🏼
  2. Woods for me! I’m stuck on Ito smith vs Edmonds...thoughts?!
  3. Yes definitely Fuller! Stuck on Ito smith vs Edmonds with a sore DJ...thoughts?
  4. Hey man I’m in the same boat. What are you thinking? I have Ito slotted in since he has been trending up, but I’m going to be heated if Johnson is a decoy and Edmonds plays more 🤣
  5. I would get Tate in there as well. Hardman is talented but it’s tough with him and how the chiefs spread things around! Good luck
  6. I would go with Brown here in that offense. Good luck
  7. I would think Hyde should have a good day against a not spectacular chiefs D in a high scoring matchup. Toss up for Howard vs Coleman...I have Howard and was thinking to bench him, but he had a fair amount of success vs the eagles with bears so I’m leaning him. Good luck
  8. Yes he does, but if he plays, Robinson is their 5th best option. I had him while Thill was out and got hosed. Mecole I would trust marginally more
  9. Hard for me not to play Kittle here if he’s active. He’s a stud with a huge role in that offense. Henry could be rusty, also not a defined role. Good luck
  10. Sadly I would say it’s too hard to trust either chiefs. You could play one and the other could drop 30. Tate should be decent this week and same with Williams even though both are not spectacular! Good luck
  11. I would think Brown here with Gurley our, Rams offense is potent and should get him some goal line tries. Good luck!
  12. If Kamara sits id roll Murray in that offense. Otherwise I think it has to be cooks! Good luck
  13. I would go Johnson and Johnson here. Allison I played last week and he was a major bust so beware! Good luck
  14. I would go DJ and probably Brown. Williams should be solid but more risky. Good luck!
  15. Hey all, seeking more insight on a tough decision today. I need 2RBs half PPR. Thoughts here... Ron Jones vs Panthers - 9yds in week 2 vs them Howard vs Vikings top 5 run D - 109yds and 2tds last year vs them with bears Edmonds vs ATL with Johnson hurting Ito Smith vs AZs bad defense