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  1. Or you can say thanks to those who warned against this o-line ALONG with aj green being out to start dalton being dalton and poor coaching. IF AJ green comes back and defenses at least try to respect the past then flashes of last year's mixon should come. But the situation is too poor for mixon to overcome otherwise
  2. Bum (fantasy wise) living off of a week 1 explosion being a TE and those "almost TD's" he can't seem to haul in each week.
  3. yea he's actually producing great ppr weeks, isn't busting at his draft position and isn't becoming a waste of a 1st/2nd round pick lol but your prior point is duly noted and accurate. No further retort from me on that one
  4. And I'm saying that he posted that partially because he warned us about benching him for bradberry the week prior and it was wrong and now this comes out. Context matters friend. My whole comment was in response to that not his comment about the season outlook which i saw already.
  5. breakout not imminent unless carson gets hurt for weeks. Pretty much what should have been expected as baldwin was the same case
  6. i mean hopkins and evan continue to flop and be no-brainers. I can live and die with this *shrug*
  7. one bad game and it's i told you so? The whole offense was trash fwiw doesn't make up for missing that explosion he dropped the week prior but okay lol
  8. sounds like more excuses as to why he's flopping in fantasy and on teh stat sheets (which is what this forum was about last i checked) which is cool. Keep him, start him, love him, blame everyone else and always start your josh gordon. Have fun
  9. As long as Keenum is around we are golden
  10. Yep but you know folks can't wait to say he's falling off
  11. "B b but he did well on this offense last year so he'll do the same this year" Ouch
  12. As someone facing him right now I care...smh
  13. He hasn't done well in either script. There are wrs that have overcome run heavy game scripts to put up points. He's not what he was supposed to be this year. The end.
  14. He doesn't have the big name that the Rd1 or Rd2 wrs have. If those big name superstars had his stats so far this year he'd be a no-brainer start and you live and die with the results without regret. However because he's unknown he isn't a "rotoworld darling" yet so each week people will make excuses to not start him despite being top 6WR in 12 team 0.5ppr at the moment.
  15. He wasn't performing well before the injury anyways
  16. That cold argument was desperate rotoworld rhetoric used for multiple rb last year that underperformed or busted. You'll likely have to ride it out but dont put your Hope's on the weather to make him an RB1
  17. This. If he plays well you win, if he doesn't it will be his first bust and nobody would blame you for the start. And even if he duds he'd still be ranked higher and will have produced more than these big names rotoworld loves so much
  18. It's over. Time for JG truthers to accept it. How many years of failure and mediocrity will yall accept?
  19. people were saying he was done for YEARS, and regarding this season folks were saying he's bench material after his first bomb post AB. It is what it is
  20. it's either him or the kc backfield....looking grim
  21. which speaks to a larger point past performances don't put points on the board today. All I'm speaking to here is how a positive trend on a "newbie" is questioned and negative trends on stars are ignored. I'm not saying bench studs unless there is context to support it. I think Chark is getting into that based on the trends we're seeing (barring injury of course). McClarin was headed there before injuries and qb changes so i'm aware things can go south quick, but the trepidation in finding room to start a 5th ranked WR is where my issue was. Unless you're super stacked at wr you shouldn't have 3 wr's on your team that have outperformed him as of yet. You could do a lot worse. Might as well take this ride until the wheels fall off