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  1. Josh Gordon thread got closed down before the final nail could be hammered in. Outside of that this has been a wacky playoffs. Multiple injuries, scrubs performing like studs, studs putting up duds. Fantasy football at it's finest
  2. So basically because people weren't able to snag league winners off of waivers the whole system should be done away with? Lmao. I bet if they were the ones with those waiver adds they'd be singing a different tune. We had that issue in my league and they changed it to FAAB thinking that would fix things but there were still high amounts of transactions because people looked ahead and made stashes in advance. Waiver wire management is just as much of a skill as drafting is because wire adds also bust and can cost you the playoffs/championship
  3. Even then it's still vague as to how the NFL came to this decision. What did they find out? We know that Patriots won't say anything, and Gordon gave his view but the details that the nfl is holding onto will determine how they handle this suspension/punishment/whatever GODdell decides
  4. He's been a stud despite the offense getting worse. They need a new qb and coach in the worst way
  5. They'll discount whatever they need to in order to hold on to hope for that magical season. It's fantasy football 101: "always trust Josh Gordon"
  6. Hope he gets the help he needs for his own sake. As for fantasy discussion it's time to admit that this ride is over. Off the field issues continue to be a theme for Gordon and counter the physical tools that he has. 2013 beast level, league winning, #1 WR overall Josh Gordon is gone for good. Low end wr2/high end wr3 at best and that's IF he comes back to a good team/situation Now we'll wait to see how dictator goddell and the nfl handle this indefinite ban
  7. The bolded part was the jinx lol. Almost every time someone starts a long time stud for the first time that player busts lol Vance Joseph is his kryptonite. I hope he gets fired
  8. Overthought things. Started mitch over Winston last minute Started jags defense over bears defense Left 32 points on the bench Lost by 34 points so I would have lost anyways thanks to AB busting
  9. That good ole coach speak. RIP Justin Jackson hype train
  10. Derek Carr passes to Derek carrier? Lol wut
  11. Broncos and steelers. Need the bears (mitch and Cohen) to show up
  12. ******** steelers. Hope things change in the 2nd half
  13. Great game. New safety valve for newton
  14. Seems in line with his average season. Brady, Gronk, and Edelman preventing that boom game
  15. Who else is he playing? I know rotoworld hates the luck/unlucky/juju/mojo argument but I'd like to know
  16. Desperation at TE. Most who don't have Ertz, kelce, Ebron, yahoo samuels are feeling it. I've accepted low points with herndon after Doyle got hurt.
  17. Gordon will have mercy upon the other team. Thy merciful one!!
  18. So I can't expect something to happen but hope that something else happens? Come on guys does this need to be broken down further?