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  1. Ha, I didn't say I was going to do it, as I value RBs higher than WRs, but Godwin has been throwing up 20-40pts the last three weeks while Kamara has been less than 20, and closer to 10 for two of those three. He was my First round pick, but his value has not reflected that.
  2. Been getting offers for Godwin for Kamara, been declining, but each week it has been harder. Hopefully Brees does return in week 8, but as of now this offense is a shadow of what it used to be at least in terms for Kamara.
  3. WR: hard choice but I would go with JuJu, I think they'll try and get him more involved this game. Flex: M.Gordon, should be rested and ready to go, was a top 5 back last year, I expect him to be the same.
  4. I would still play him, other than OBJ, Fitz and Brown have been doing around the same as JuJu and I would avoid Chark and Agholor this week.
  5. MVS with Adams being out. and Howard if standard scoring for flex.
  6. Waller due to volume, who else will they be throwing it to.
  7. I would go with McCoy, he seems to be the only one with a safe spot on the Chiefs backfield. Montgomery still appears to be in a RBBC unfortunately.
  8. If Watson can get back into the swing of things I believe Fuller has the better upside, who knows when Darnold will be back, maybe next week, maybe in 5 weeks, etc...therefore I would go with Fuller.
  9. I think you could stream if wanted, but you could also drop Robby. With the WRs you currently have I don't see you ever really playing him. If you see a better option that you want to hold I would drop him.
  10. Edwards for long term, your WR core is already fairly strong therefore I would focus on your RB core.
  11. Miles for the safe floor, Hardman for the higher ceiling. I would probably go with Miles as Hardman can lay a goose egg as seen last week.
  12. Due to Barkley being out have to make some tough choices. Pick one, full PPR. Jacobs vs CHI: tough matchup, and in london, only upside I see is if they finally get him involved in the passing game with Williams being banged up. Cohen vs Oak: hasnt done much in the last few games but Oakland should allow some points. Jaylen Samuels vs BAL: could be a repeat of last week if Brandon Williams is out for BAL. (Hyde / Brieda / Peterson on waiver wire as well) WHIR
  13. PPR Kamara vs Seattle Carson vs Saints A.Jones vs Denver I know you should start your studs so realistically it should be Kamara + 1 but last weeks game minus Brees has me feeling uneasy. Jones did big things last week, and with Penny questionable it's a hard choice. WHIR
  14. Down 1.34 with only my Cleveland D left, just need them not to have a repeat of last week.
  15. I would go with Brown, easy matchup for him today, still not sure where McCoy stands in KC.