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  1. I would probably hold him for at least this week to see how the emergence of Dixon effects Gus. If you do drop him I would drop him for a DEF, probably the Broncos, you're QB situation should be fine.
  2. I think Adams is the safer play out of your choices, but I believe Mack has the highest potential. So if you're projected to win, or are close I would go with Adams, if not I would go with Mack.
  3. Dixon, Chris Thompson appears to not be able to stay on the field, also appears to be behind AP, so I believe Dixon has the better chance at becoming the bell cow.
  4. Greg, I think he has better consistency, so he should be the safer play for the ROS. You could hold both if there isn't a lot left on your waiver wire, but personally I would be more likely to hold two Defs over two kickers.
  5. Ware for sure, out of the other two I'm going to lean Miller, I think he has the higher chance of reaching the goal line.
  6. Hard choice, I would probably go with Alshon just due to the fact Dalton is out and we don't know how Driskel will perform.
  7. I would go with Evans / Cooks for a safe play. Ware for a potential higher Ceiling, but has a high risk, Chubb for safer floor.
  8. CAM / Mack / Humphries / Don't like either option but will go with Vannett due to vs ARI
  9. Standard scoring, who should I play? Sony Michel (VS MIN): Has fairly proven himself to be a consistent option, averaging 15-20pts regularly outside of bad matchups. Decent matchup this week. Austin Ekeler (VS PIT): A lot of potential without Gordon in the backfield. Matchup against PIT seems to be a better matchup than against MIN. WHIR
  10. I like Johnson, he did well agaisnt CHI, so I believe he could get a repeat in CAR. With Jones out he should still get involved into the passing game.
  11. I would go with Sutton, I feel like both Smith and Reynolds are behind too many players to be safe options.
  12. Eli, tampa bays defense is horrible, and you should have at least an idea of how he should perform, with Jackson we have little idea.
  13. I would say its a toss up between Theo and Richard, I would give Richard the edge if both Nelson and Bryant don't play.
  14. I would go with Huerman as well, with Keenum not being the greatest QB, he may lean on his TE, as Huerman showed he was capable last game. If Huerman continues to do well you may even have trade depth if your league doesn't have cutoffs.
  15. NO held Mixon to 8.5pts (standard), I wasn't able to watch the game, but do you believe Adams will be able to outperform him while being in a potential committee? I can see NO getting ahead forcing PHI to lean more on passing.