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  1. Didn't notice that till now. Nice observation
  2. People aren't liking Brady down the stretch.
  3. So is the consensus that Gordon isn't lasting past this season? What's got you guys thinking that?
  4. The opposition is a factor with his lack of targets though. For ex, if the Vikings don't pressure Matt the way they did, then Kenny likely would have gotten more targets. Or if the Lions didn't play the Dolphins, then Kenny wouldn't have been matched up with Xavien(?). But at least we're all in this together? Lol
  5. I remember when I brought up the idea of trading Kenny before the schedule toughened up and got killed in here for it. Now look at us lol
  6. Don't forget they just lost their starting safety.
  7. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that this is going to be the week.
  8. Let's not forget that Gordon actually beat T. White on a go route on that 40 yard bomb that he dropped. He had more than a few steps on him. We need to give it more time. Gordon's only had 3 full-time workloads and he delivered in 1 of those games.
  9. He had the same juice last year in the games he started with the Browns. Remember the game he had against Casey Hayward? I think we just need to be patient, but also we need to temper expectations.
  10. Imo, his value is at its lowest. Not a good point to sell.
  11. How does it not? Less targets to fight for and that was Kenny's hurdle. This is a great boost in my opinion.
  12. Golden Tate to the Eagles. It's looking okay for us so far. We gotta wait until the deadline passes...