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  1. 1 PPR League, 10 Teams. Finished 8-6 after a five game losing streak in the third quarter of the season. QB: Russell Wilson RB1: Saquon Barkley RB2: David Johnson WR1: Robert Woods WR2: Dante Pettis FLX1: Lamar Miller FLX2: Elijah McGuire FLX3: Evan Engram OBJ and Tyler Boyd are on my pine, out for this weekend. Playing an absolute unit of a roster with Mahomes, Brown, Thielen, D Henry, Carson, Cohen, Edelmen, and Ebron...feels bad man.
  2. If there was anyone I'd feel like taking out it's Pettis for Hamilton. I'm not too familiar with the rest of the FA pickups. If Miller is out, I'll drop him and grab Hammy.
  3. QB: Wilson RB: Barkley & Johnson WR: Woods & Pettis FLX: Lamar Miller (Q), Elijah McGuire, Evan Engram Possible Additions: DaeSean Hamilton, John Kelly, Zach Zenner, Mohamed Sanu, Dede Westbrook, Peyton Barber, Josh Reynolds Lost OBJ, Tyler Boyd, and possibly Lamar Miller this week. I'm only sold on Wilson, Barkley, DJ, and Woods. Not feeling to happy right now
  4. Been super solid for me all year, sucks Kupp went out, that duo was eatin'...
  5. So are we thinking Hammy and Pettis over Eli & if Miller/Boyd/OBJ doesn't go?
  6. 1 PPR... QB: Wilson RB1: Barkley RB2: D Johnson WR1: Robert Woods WR2: OBJ FLX1: Tyler Boyd FLX2: Lamar Miller FLX3: Elijah McGuire BENCH: DeaSean Hamilton & Dante Pettis Three questionables in OBJ, Boyd, and Miller, and I just picked up Elijah. Pettis has been solid for the last few weeks and Chicago's air defense isn't stout. Hamilton has 14 catches in the last two weeks and plays Oakland, could be a pretty strong flex play. Top FA's are Engram, Barber. Sanu, Richard, and Hooper.
  7. DJ is not a good buy low. DJ was a good buy low candidate at the beginning of the season, especially because DJ owners were up in arms about guys like Gurley, Gordon, Saquon, and Kamara, absolutely dominating. We've all seen what Arizona has going on at this point, and even with the switch of OC's, I still wouldn't buy low. You're going to get owners who are going to hold tighter on him than ever because everyone sees the changing of the OC's like it suddenly makes the team better, and even if it does, you're still going to overpay for a guy we've seen seven performances from.
  8. David Johnson is like a bad TV show you keep watching thinking it's going to get better. Now we've found ourselves in Episode 7 and still haven't turned off Netflix.
  9. Got offered in my 10 team 1 PPR. My roster is below. My initial interest was low, but the more I check into it, the more it sort of intrigues me. Is this real intrigue or just boredom on a Friday?
  10. If you can get Hunt, get hunt, nuff said.
  11. Anybody who watched Penn State games should have known what they were getting in him. A workhorse, complete bell cow back, who is probably best overall athlete of any back in the league, not to mention in the top echelon of all NFL players. The writing was on the wall, you just had to look.
  12. I'd stick with Stills. That offense is so shaky & Larry Fitz hasn't done much to begin with, not to mention a Questionable injury status at the moment. Even if Larry comes around eventually, his floor is pretty dang low right now & his ceiling is probably capped with Rosen.
  13. Leaning towards Bortles & Boyd. I can't ignore the fact Bortles is playing an awful defense in an expected shootout. Nor can I ignore Boyd's three straight 20+ pt performances. Thoughts? Other guys on the wire include: A Smith, Enunwa, Jones Jr, Powell, K Cole, McDonald, Ebron, and Coutee.
  14. Trying to figure that out too. Bortles is listed multiple times as a favorable match up against KC & with Fournette out, he's tended to have some big games. Indy isn't a defense worth noting, but KC's defense is really bad. I'd almost go Bortles here.
  15. I wouldn't touch Bell right now with a 10 foot pole and if I had him, I'd send him packing for 50 cents on the dollar. James Conner should be safe to roll with for the sizeable time being, I can't trust anything coming out of ESPN etc these days.