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  1. 1 PPR, 12 team They send: Landry & Ertz I send: Fournette My current team: QB: Minshew, Bridgewater RB: Barkley, McCaffrey, Fournette WR: Chark, Sutton, Jeffrey TE: Everett, OJ Howard Bench: Dorsett, AB, P. Williams Good idea?
  2. He Gives: Sutton I Give: Rodgers 1 PPR, 12 team, 2-3 on the year... I definitely need help in the WR department as Chark is the only guy I can rely on atm. When Barkley returns it'll take out my flex to use for a WR, meaning I will need either Jeffrey or an upgrade full time... I like the idea of Sutton. As for QB's on the wire we have Mariota, Bridgewater, Minshew, McCoy, Hodges, and Dalton..obviously Dan Jones on my pine. QB: Rodgers RB1: Barkley (out) RB2: McCaffrey WR1: Chark Jr WR2: Jeffrey TE: Everett/Howard FLX: Fournette DST: Titans/Niners K: Slye Bench: Preston Williams, Dorsett, DeVante Parker, AB, D. Jones
  3. Curious if I have any playing room with Barkley set to return fairly soon... PPR 12 team, 8 playoff spots, I am 2-3 (11th) but seventh place is also 2-3... QB: Rodgers RB1: Barkley (O) RB2: McCaffrey WR1: Chark Jr WR2: Jeffrey TE: OJ Howard FLX: Fournette D/ST: Niners K: Slye ------------------- Bench: Dorsett, Agholor, D. Parker, N. Fant, D. Jones, Titans, AB. Any ideas? I shipped Cooper and Kupp for McCaffrey a couple weeks ago, that's why I have both Barkley and CMC.
  4. Up 24 against George Kittle... I feel just fine for the dub this week.
  5. Any time I see Michel in a deal right now I'd pull the trigger. James White is a problem for Michel and like drop said, Golden Tate is just going to help Jones' situation...not to mention a healthier than expected return timetable from Barkley.
  6. Can't decide on who to trust this week as my flex & TE... PPR Dorsett against Washington makes a ton of sense, but it's also Alshon against the Jets... With Agholor getting zero targets last week it's scary putting him out there, but something tells me he rebounds this week as NY goes after Jeffrey a bit harder. Alshon is the type of guy to go 0-0-0 and then go 8-87-2... Howard recording 6 points when his team scored 55 points has to be the scariest thing as an owner...but the Saints give up top 12 points to TE's... Fant isn't the best TE out there, but the Chargers aren't great at covering the big boys either. Lineup: QB: Rodgers RB1: McCaffrey RB2: Fournette WR1: Jeffrey WR2: Chark TE: Fant vs. Howard FLX: Agholor vs. Dorsett D/ST: Titans K: Slye
  7. At this point I'd gladly trade a glass of real orange juice for OJ Howard...
  8. "Once the TD's start coming"... We do this every year, why do we not learn? The fact Fournette got 200+ yards and did not score is more than alarming in itself. I'm not out here saying to ship him, but I am saying there is an argument for doing so and could be reasonably understood as to why someone would.
  9. 1 PPR League, 10 Teams. Finished 8-6 after a five game losing streak in the third quarter of the season. QB: Russell Wilson RB1: Saquon Barkley RB2: David Johnson WR1: Robert Woods WR2: Dante Pettis FLX1: Lamar Miller FLX2: Elijah McGuire FLX3: Evan Engram OBJ and Tyler Boyd are on my pine, out for this weekend. Playing an absolute unit of a roster with Mahomes, Brown, Thielen, D Henry, Carson, Cohen, Edelmen, and Ebron...feels bad man.
  10. If there was anyone I'd feel like taking out it's Pettis for Hamilton. I'm not too familiar with the rest of the FA pickups. If Miller is out, I'll drop him and grab Hammy.
  11. QB: Wilson RB: Barkley & Johnson WR: Woods & Pettis FLX: Lamar Miller (Q), Elijah McGuire, Evan Engram Possible Additions: DaeSean Hamilton, John Kelly, Zach Zenner, Mohamed Sanu, Dede Westbrook, Peyton Barber, Josh Reynolds Lost OBJ, Tyler Boyd, and possibly Lamar Miller this week. I'm only sold on Wilson, Barkley, DJ, and Woods. Not feeling to happy right now
  12. Been super solid for me all year, sucks Kupp went out, that duo was eatin'...
  13. So are we thinking Hammy and Pettis over Eli & if Miller/Boyd/OBJ doesn't go?
  14. 1 PPR... QB: Wilson RB1: Barkley RB2: D Johnson WR1: Robert Woods WR2: OBJ FLX1: Tyler Boyd FLX2: Lamar Miller FLX3: Elijah McGuire BENCH: DeaSean Hamilton & Dante Pettis Three questionables in OBJ, Boyd, and Miller, and I just picked up Elijah. Pettis has been solid for the last few weeks and Chicago's air defense isn't stout. Hamilton has 14 catches in the last two weeks and plays Oakland, could be a pretty strong flex play. Top FA's are Engram, Barber. Sanu, Richard, and Hooper.