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  1. I mean im tied with a team of Giannis, westbrook, jokic, dame, luka, griffin, fox, gobert and turner and i lost jrue and teague with no pickups in playoffs so im happy haha
  2. I reckon top 25 isn't too far off if he continues what he is doing now next season
  3. He is starting lads, wipe those tears away ❤️
  4. Won one of my leagues which was a 9 cat 3P% instead of turnovers. Harden George Holiday Olynyk Booker Hield Bogdanovic (Sac) Bledsoe Middleton Lopez Derozan White Teague Punted FG% Rebounds and Blocks
  5. Oh true. I was looking at the wrong thing. I still think Lebron has better value next year overall, thats all i'm arguing. I was just guessing about value and games missed this year, my mistake.
  6. Yeah i 100% agree with you on the Ft% comment. However i think that the reason Lebron is behind KD is more because of the games played rather than the FT% alone (53 games played to 70). Games played has a lot to do with a players value (i.e If anyone thinks Anthony Davis fully healthy isn't the best player in fantasy you are bonkers) yet he isnt in the top 5 in most leagues anymore. But i 100% agree that George is better this year than Lebron, however i just see a full season of Lebron as more valuable than a full season of George next year. I think they are interchangeable. If KD stays Lebron is a better option, if he leaves it will most likely be for NY and he will be the main offensive option there so he will most likely be a top 5 pick if so.
  7. Would love your reasoning behind this. Somehow i think that this season was not a season he was trying very hard in and next year with more talent (or better talent) around him we will get another season of 25 8 and 8 which i think would be better than a couple more points/better ft shooting or 3s.
  8. If he is traded he almost will certainly go to a team with another bonafide superstar so he will definitely take a hit in production. I think as it stands now the top 10 next year should go: 1. Harden 2. Giannis 3. Karl Anthony-Towns 4. Jokic 5. Davis 6. Curry 7. Lebron 8. George 9. Durant 10. Lillard/Embiid I believe after this year of superstars and injuries people are going to value durability a lot more than in previous years. Players like Lillard, Towns and Jokic will go a lot higher because of how healthy they are during the season. Players like Kawhi, Embiid and Oladipo will fall because of the injury history.
  9. Unless he loses some weight and becomes less erratic he is on my DND list. Man is one awkward landing away from an ACL or PCL injury.
  10. I reckon he will be a top 10 player even when wall comes back. Wall is moving into Rose territory with all his knee injuries and i doubt he comes back the player he was which means this is officially Beals team. He should come back next year with a killer mentality and wall should get over his ego and either move on from the Wizards or stop trying to play hero ball and let beal do his thing while he plays a Robin-sidekick role. Beal outside of the 2nd round would be the biggest steal of next year.
  11. I like all that exceppt brunson, i think he will have a hard time carving out production with KP luka an THJ on the team also they might get lucky in the draft and FA and their first look would be to pg who can shoot lights out and play good d.
  12. Aye, if so far in Memphis he can average near 20 and 9 with 2 assists 1 block and 57% and 80% shooting averages in 26 mins, i think if he gets over 30 mins a game my prediction isn't too far off haha, man is underrated.
  13. He can be the kinda guy you can draft and not worry about who else you are drafting cause he does a bit of everything and doesn't have a flaw in his game fantasy wise. Could easily be a 15 11 3 1 1 1 guy with 50/35/85 splits. Good shout.
  14. I mean he is averaging more points and assists this year and since all star break he is a monster with 29 and 7 with 1 steal and 2 threes but i see where you are coming from, im just targeting off the sheer fact that he will improve again and have better talent around him to get better looks and have more opportunities to win games.
  15. Why though? Suns are almost guaranteed a top 5 pick in the draft and the top 5 prospects are wings and guards basically. I feel as if with them picking a Barrett, Reddish or Morant with Booker and Oubre still being the better options at 2 and 3 he may find it hard to get minutes without injuries or suns playing him out of position at the 4.