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  1. I mean i agree that it's a lot of confidence but it isn't irrational. Even though it was summer league his last 2 games he looked like a stud and played a hell of a lot better than he originally did. If he could get his efficiency into the 42 FG%, 73FT% and 30+ 3P% he could definitely be averaging somewhere close to what i predicted. But at the same time, i was a bit hyped about this kid and may have been a bit generous to his points and assists. Even though knicks signed a bunch of players that need the ball in their hands, he did promise RJ that he would get all his shots that he wants and that he also wants him to run the offence at times, so the ball will be in his hands. Sure 23 points could be too high but stranger things have happened. Anyway we should really be worrying about what he has been doing, not what i predicted him to do. His last game he looked like a different player all together. Played with confidence, didn't settle for shots and he was actively looking for teammates. The biggest thing i take out of this game was how RJ and MitchRob look like they already have some chemistry and could make for a deadly pick and roll combo in the future. I just hope DSJ doesn't get in the way of Knox and RJ's development haha
  2. I think a big one for me is that i get very fed up with underperforming players too quickly (i.e last season, bledsoe halfway through, nurkic, even lillard where he had a tiny poor stretch) and i trade them for garbage then they always come out of their slump and i'm left with a worse off team. Just having patience in past proven players is key.
  3. IM not gonna lie, my prediction could at this stage be like comparing lin to curry haha, hope he can turn it around though.
  4. Yeah not a bad shout at all my man. I hope they don't and they let him loose early but discipline him throughout the year. He is a star in the making with the right coaching staff and support group around him. He probably does end up with terrible numbers throughout the course but im a optimist and RJ is my favourite player from the draft, so i may have been a bit too nice to him in my predictions haha. Oh well ball is literally in his court now to turn around this knicks team (who also had a terrible start to free agency today) and bring back showtime to the big apple haha
  5. go to the nba tab
  6. Make it 4 after R.J does at the end of next season.
  7. Yikes, my bad i meant big time city haha. But the popcorn stats aren't that unrealistic, Barrett will run the offence and he loves his drives and pull up shots so i see him taking the bulk of the shots for NYK. I see what you mean by him being surrounded by chuckers and ball hogs but hey if Fizdale lets those ball hogs fire away, fire Fizdale in my opinion, this has just become R.J's tream. Update: Cant edit original post again for some reason, but i meant to say "big time city", i stand by my stats prediction.
  8. I think this kid is the best player in the draft tbh. He is versatile, can defend (when he wants to) has great form even though he needs to shoot it a bit better, but my favourite part of his game is that he is absolutely fearless. In 3 years time he has the potential to be leading the league in scoring, because this dude is a monster. He instantly becomes the best offensive option on the Knicks and will get the biggest green light to shoot as much as he wants. His efficiency and conditioning are a couple issues that come to mind when thinking about drafting him and i believe that himself (along with countless other talents from the draft) will be forgotten as everyone races to pick Zion as early as possible. He should fall in a lot of drafts but if you want him you will likely have to pick him in the 5th round or even earlier because everyone loves taking rookies too early in fantasy. I predict his stats looking something like: 23.2 PTS, 6.2 RBS, 4.2 ASTS, 0.7 STLS, 0.2 BLCKS, 1.7 3s on 43 FG%, 79 FT% 32 3P% with 4.3 TO's a game. He is not someone im drafting unless im punting fg% and TO's but i believe he has a real chance to be ROTY as he is a big timee player playing for a big time team!
  9. Ahh true, i play in leagues without t/o so thats what my assumptions are based off. I believe he will sit around 3 TO a game which isnt too bad for a rookie, but he is very disciplined so he shouldnt do anything too outlandish unless he is dunking the ball haha. If you are in a TO league late 2nd round is still his value i believe. With over 20 points a game and over 50% FG with near 3 stocks, its too good not to take. Could be the Oladipo of 2017-2018 season.
  10. I think this is the year that the hype is lived up to by the rookie. Gentry has already said that Zion has the green light and will let him shoot as much as he wants. Then surrounding him with low usage low maintenance players like lonzo jrue ingram that all can pass and play defence (if ingram tries), i think will only help his game more. He has all the opportunity to be a star in his first year and the only thing stopping him is his efficiencies. If he can be a 35%+ 3pt shooter he should be able to hit 1 per game and all he needs to do then is improve his ft% and he should easily be a 2nd round value player. Gentry will allow him to free roam defensively which should translate to more stocks and also more fast break points. I think his stats comparison can be very similar to Doncic except swapping out some assists for a block and a half. Something around 22.5 points 7.4 rebounds 3.2 assists 1.6 steals and 1.4 blocks 1.2 threes with 56 fg% 69 ft% and 34 3pt% is VERY realistic and easily 2nd round value. I know a lot of people are gonna say im crazy for suggesting this but come back at the end of the season and i reckon i wont be too far off.
  11. I mean im tied with a team of Giannis, westbrook, jokic, dame, luka, griffin, fox, gobert and turner and i lost jrue and teague with no pickups in playoffs so im happy haha
  12. I reckon top 25 isn't too far off if he continues what he is doing now next season
  13. He is starting lads, wipe those tears away ❤️
  14. Won one of my leagues which was a 9 cat 3P% instead of turnovers. Harden George Holiday Olynyk Booker Hield Bogdanovic (Sac) Bledsoe Middleton Lopez Derozan White Teague Punted FG% Rebounds and Blocks
  15. Oh true. I was looking at the wrong thing. I still think Lebron has better value next year overall, thats all i'm arguing. I was just guessing about value and games missed this year, my mistake.