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  1. I think a reasonable projection if Conner starts in a limited capacity would be 10-14 pts in half ppr. If Conner is out, this becomes 15-18 due to the additional rushing opportunities. I still think this will be a pass heavy game from the Steelers based on previous games and NE being the opponent.
  2. Lucky for you, projections don't win games
  3. He could be a sneaky good play this weekend. Good shot at a td and only has to compete with Barkley and Engram for targets.
  4. I don't know about him in particular but one of the KC chiefs RBs will probably be 2nd-3rd round at worst, depending on league size.
  5. This confirms my hate for OBJ just a bit more. He won me my first championship as a rookie off waivers. But since then, I’ve avoided him because his draft position was always a bit high for his baggage. He’s always been a top 10 pick but there’s always something to worry about with this guy. Injury, bad relationship with coach, qb, gm, temper tantrum on sidelines, costly fumbles, suspended for fighting.
  6. I for one think he is doubtful this week but definitely has a 50/50 or better chance of playing next week. But that’s just me. As a samuels and Conner owner in a yahoo league, I would like Conner to sit out till week 17 for sure.
  7. Damn this confirms what I said in the Kirk Cousins thread. Playoffs make for an emotional time lol... Women get it every month. Men get it weekly from weeks 14-16
  8. Tough to start Conner this week. This is like Anthony Lynn going for 2 last night. If it works out and he plunges in the endzone for 2 tds, and adds a few catches, you look like a genius. If he flops or gets reinjured early, you look like the biggest idiot given all the red flags. I think if you're currently ahead in projections, you might want to play it safe and go with a Lamar Miller type player. But if you're down 10-15+ in projections, you might as well go ahead and start Conner because Lamar Miller isn't gonna make that up splitting time with Blue.
  9. TE outlook for Samuels this week: I think Samuels is still a decent TE play if Conner is still able to go. At worst, he'll get a few catches (4-5) and rushing opportunities (4-5), which is basically equal to anyone not named Kelce, Ertz, Ebron, Cook or Gronk. The matchup is also positive as it will be a passing script most likely. His workload will probably be a bit higher than normal because I doubt Conner can handle a full workload this week even if he does play. Plus, there is upside if Conner does go down mid game. RB outlook for Samuels this week As a RB, I don't think I would trust Samuels if Conner can go. As a flex, you'll have to weigh it against other options. If you can roll out a top 24 RB or WR, I'd probably go with that option.
  10. I must have misunderstood because reading it, it seemed like you were proposing to not start your studs. But ok. Chubb is a guy where I would put talent above his matchup. Also, RBs are much easier to predict. For WRs, talent at both the position and QB matters much more than anything else.
  11. I'd be willing to roll out Barkley, Gurley and Zeke in any matchup period...