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  1. Also as a rule clarification, the last person to maintain full control of the ball is generally credited for the fumble. So even though it was Henderson's fault, Goff was the last person with full control and was attributed for the fumble
  2. That's fair haha. I left the video there so you can make your own judgments.
  3. It looks like it was credited to Goff. But take a look at the vid, I'd say that's 70% on Henderson and 30% on Goff (toss was a bit high and hit Henderson on left shoulder but still not a terribly difficult catch by any means). See 5:30 mark.
  4. Aren't Redskins down to their last experienced RB? Maybe an offseason move though since Redskins are going nowhere fast this season.
  5. Your Cool Story Bro moment might be clouding your judgment here. If anything, I'd pick one handcuff for Gurley after this week. Brown looks like he has the job now but I would not keep him if he does not play this week, reasoning being if Henderson is what you think he is, he will have carved up a bigger role than Brown after this week if Brown sits. On the flip side, it will be another week where Gurley rests and potentially comes back.
  6. True but the dropoff between Kamara getting stuffed vs Murray getting stuffed is minimal, so you're not looking at a huge dropoff in production while at the same time buying yourself a week with Kamara getting healthy.
  7. Not a bad week to sit against the Bears D. Hopefully you cuffed him with Murray.
  8. He did look good but why is no one mentioning his fumble on the toss? I feel like that was all on him and probably holding him back from claiming the starting job. But he would be a good RB2 if gurley and brown are out.
  9. At worst the number 2 defense of the week. Niners vs Redskins is close.
  10. Why is he listed as questionable on yahoo?
  11. Sure you can throw out the small sample size excuse but for the season he's averaging 2.0 yards per attempt in this explosive offense. Drake (coincidentally on Damien's old team) on arguably the worst offense in the league (32nd in points, rushing yards, 31st in passing yards and total yards) through that same span is averaging 3.7 yards per attempt. This is mindboggling. Translation: The Jaggiest of JAGs in a great situation can't even outproduce an above average back in the worst possible situation.
  12. Ravens and Panthers lack a WR and are in the hunt. I doubt Ravens are getting him since they are in division.