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  1. I'm playing Allison as well. Rhodes will probably shut down Adams, so Rodgers will be looking to Cobb/Allison/Graham in this one.
  2. This makes me want to play Rodgers even more. The announcers will be talking about how amazing he is playing with a banged up knee. Rodgers eats this stuff up.
  3. I'm sticking with Rodgers? Who is with me?
  4. I'm not a heavy underdog.. but in a 50/50 match up really. The guy I am playing against got -1 point by starting the Ravens defense and I have the Rams defense so that helps. I am projected to win by 7 but you know how that goes in fantasy. For the most part I believe in sticking with your studs almost regardless of the match up. I have done enough thinking on this one, I'm riding with Rodgers. He likes playing the role of hobbled dude who miraculously wills his team to victory. One more time A-Aron one more time.
  5. I'm struggling with this decision as well. I can pick up Kennum and play him vs an easy home match up vs the Raiders but there is a part of me that just can't sit Rodgers, I don't know why exactly. I know he wants revenge from last year with the Vikes knocking him out, it is a divisional game against their main competition in the league, Rodgers had no problem tearing up the Bears on the banged up knee etc. I will probably just stick with Rodgers here. It is somewhat of a tough decision though.