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  1. I forgot to mention that this keeper league is an auction league.
  2. I’d keep Sami and Gallo. You got a great trio of arms and I would not trade any of your proven starters to replace with Whitley.
  3. Being a 10 team league, I would keep Santana over Smith and keep the three others this poster mentioned.
  4. For me, I would keep Bryant, Flahtery, Ohtsni and Geinke.
  5. 👆🏻This right here.👆🏻
  6. I like QS as a stat because you are not held hostage by a pitchers offense to net you a win. The pitcher is solely responsible for his QS performance.
  7. I’d gamble on the higher upside with Ozuna if your league counts steals.
  8. I would not keep Bauer at all. I would lean toward Moncada. But you do have Villar as well...I would think hard about keeping him.
  9. I don’t see Dustin May on this list. Where you all having him placed? 40-50 range? Edit: Nevermind, I just saw him in the notes.