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  1. I disagree. Blount could run over and through guys. I remember he broke off a 48 yard td. Michel doesn’t look like he’s capable of making any big plays
  2. It’s not panic. It’s just that it’s obvious that the guy stinks. It’s almost cringeworthy to watch. At what point does Bill admit that he stinks and stop giving him touches.
  3. You answered your own question. It’s jealousy and insecurity.
  4. Also their schedule is brutal. Not many plus match ups for the afc west. I can’t see any good starts
  5. Maybe Ramsey gets traded out of the division
  6. It’s an even timeshare. Can’t really play either guy unless you have injuries or bye week issues.
  7. This is sad. It’s over. There’s other fish in the sea
  8. He’s just not that good. He’s 4 yards, no chunk plays, no receptions. It’s dicey because it’s obvious that the other guys are better players. But we’re getting the volume we expected so he’s a start. I wonder if he’d be getting this much run if they didn’t use a 1st round pick.
  9. His efficiency has tailed off. A timeshare in a below average offense isn’t good for anybody. Both guys are bench stashes
  10. Kind of got what we wanted. It should have been a 20 spot. Guy is 4 yards and a cloud of dust but 20 touches is what it is.
  11. These idiots just let the clock run down when they had timeouts and could have gotten a first down.
  12. Looks like AB is bad news for everybody