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  1. Yes. And I would be shocked if he was available, he should be owned in almost every type of dynasty league.
  2. I think a lot was a bit of statistical correction. He obviously wasn't as bad as his stats were leading into the hot streak. He's also not a guy I'm breaking down walls to get either. If you had him for the hot streak, then congrats, but I still don't see him as a top tier catcher or anything.
  3. Have been keeping my eye on him for a while. Throws a lot of high fastballs and gets a ton of swings and misses. Will be interesting to see how the other pitches end up developing.
  4. Kind of reminds me of the Julio Urias situation on a smaller scale. Smaller lefties with shoulder injuries seems to go hand in hand.
  5. He’s a weak contact machine.. similar to CC Sabathia. They will constantly outperform their FIP/xFIP based on the batted ball profile. He’s not gonna keep up this good of a stretch, but he’s easily rosterable in every league.
  6. Be patient & remember he’s still a rookie. This break should do him good.
  7. He's Mini Hader. I talked about him a bit in the Closer thread, but I fully expect Poche to be the main reliever for Tampa heading into next year. His batted ball profile is so so good along with the K's and control.
  8. He looked pretty good tonight all things considered. A couple of unlucky hits.. even the Soto HR was a little bit lucky, looked like the ball carried quite a bit (only 95 MPH exit velo HR to right center lol)
  9. I’m not seeing anyone with this type of K potential on the wire, still working out the kinks too. A solid hold ROS I think
  10. Hop on him now if you haven’t already. 4 HR in his last 2 games
  11. He's only gonna get better too. His offspeed stuff has been really great this year.
  12. Ketel Marte continues to just taunt me for dropping him early this year. Can’t get over it and he keeps getting hit after hit after hit after hit.
  13. It's not at all. All the way down to mechanical similarities.
  14. I think he's better than Mize. Better K pitches and just as good of a batted ball profile. Mize might be more polished right now, but I think Gore's ceiling is way higher.
  15. He's been really good over his last 7 starts and that's WITH that horrible performance against Detroit last week. 48.1 IP, 2.98 ERA, 1.10 WHIP, 54/12 K:BB (this is the big one) Bauer's control seems to be fixed, at least for the time being.