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  1. Yeah I expect Urquidy to have some helium heading into drafts next year. For any dynasty/keeper leagues, I would add if not too late.
  2. 2nd Half: .305/.420/.540, 44 R, 14 HR, 36 RBI, 2 SB #ThankYouMark (if this is the end)
  3. Not doing this again with Hampson haha. Although I do like the speed, seems like he's the type to feast @ the end of the season when pitchers are winding down. He doesn't hit the ball hard & even though the K% has improved, it still worries me going into next year.
  4. He will always be streaky with the way he lofts the ball.
  5. I actually think Gallen profiles closely to a young version of Zack Greinke. With command gains this offseason, he could be a force to be reckoned with next year. Love what I've seen out of his ability to limit hard contact + great K rates.
  6. Gallen was nothing short of dominant tonight. Good fastball with a couple of legit K pitches? Count me in for the long haul. His control/command will only improve.
  7. His motion + fastball reminds me a little bit of Gerrit Cole.
  8. I think Tony G is due for some strikeout gains soon. He's got a 12.1% Swinging Strike rate and only a 6.65 K% . . Minor league K rate in juiced ball PCL was 10.89 this year and he's consistently been over 10 in his minor league career.
  9. Yep. He pitched pretty well against the Dodgers last time out so I'll give him a shot.
  10. His power is real especially when considering the ballpark he plays in. His minor league HR spray chart tells me he hits homers to all fields so that should help out. He's definitely not as hulking as the Franimal (same height) but their minor league profiles are somewhat alike. Hilliard playing in Coors is a massive massive + 2017 Reyes: .258/.322/.464, 8.5% BB, 23.7% K 2019 Hillard: .262/.335/.558, 9.7% BB, 29.3% K Hillard gets a slight AAA juiced ball bonus on his numbers.
  11. I believe he's back tomorrow. Could be a nice boost especially since he's been pretty hot on rehab.
  12. Major BUY target for next year assuming he's healthy.
  13. Another dinger tonight. His profile reminds me a bit of Franmil Reyes (w/ more speed). I would give him a shot with a couple more righties this weekend.