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  1. I mean, I have no dog in this fight, but it’s been known that many LA Rams fans still followed the St. Louis Rams. So a lot of kids and teenagers back then are maybe 40ish or 50ish now? Probably never stopped loving the Rams just because they moved. I know if a team I loved moved I’d still follow them.
  2. Wow, I seriously am not starting Gordon or Ekeler anymore. Not until the Chargers figure their sh* out. Started both and got absolutely nothing.
  3. Two pretty damn good pass-catching RBs and they decide to run it up the gut. Ridiculous.
  4. Trust me, Watched them all year and Atlanta can’t beat any line. Even Goff will succeed.
  5. Not against Atlanta. WR2 minimum next week.
  6. If Diggs only got half of what he got today I'd still be in it. As it stands, I am down 25 with Gordon/Ekeler vs Babytron. It's safe to say I'm done unless they score a combined 50+ tonight to give me a shot.
  7. I knew when he shanked that 50-yarder in his first game Matt was done. He just looks off. It wasn't the distance but the fact that he totally whiffed on the kick.
  8. Falcons jobbed again on last play with Murray. That's ridiculous.
  9. Atlanta did get jobbed on that interference call on the fair catch.
  10. Kupp/Woods killing me. At least one should go off every game. But I didn't factor in Goff. 🤦‍♂️
  11. Basically Goff is worse than Matt Ryan. Even Matt Ryan isn't this bad on his worst day.