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  1. I'm still expecting at least a Mike Evans Week 5 performance from him.
  3. Scarbrough. I'm hearing even Wilkins' name come up. I wouldn't bother with Indy.
  4. Valid point, but teams have been able to funnel him before. If that is successful, then he will have a tough time. I think the Eagles have enough to get it done. You are right though. If you are going to start Gordon, then this is it. Things will have to go right for the Eagles at the line to stop Wilson.
  5. Ballage is the only guy who can make Peyton Barber look like James Wilder.
  6. I think your point was more valid. The Eagles DBs are healthy. It is a totally different secondary now. If they can get any pressure at all then it will be a tough game for Wilson. Plus, the Eagles will be at home and desperate for a victory.
  7. I don't like this kind of talk about the 🐐
  8. I mean, you can't really trust any receiver in that offense outside of Kelce and Hill. So it is a gamble with any of them. Hopefully Hill ends up being fine after the bye but I'm thinking he will miss another game.
  9. Robinson was running his routes while he was out. Game plans change in-game with injuries. I'd expect Robinson to be highly involved if Reek is out after the bye. People forget, teams don't plan for their guys to get injured. What we saw last night isn't necessarily how it will go moving forward. They just adjust in that moment and assess the situation afterward. Mecole is still their return guy.
  10. Two this year within 3 weeks of each other. The scary part is not only his NFL history with concussions but his history dating back to high school. Just imagine this over the course of his entire football life. He should not be playing again this season. There is really no reason for it. The Giants aren't in any kind of playoff race. The only thing I can think of are incentives he wants to reach in his contract. But then that would be even more reason for the Giants to shut him down.
  11. Brian Flores says Ryan Fitzpatrick was part of the problem Sunday. But he’s wrong A little something for Flores...
  12. Perfect timing with bye, but not the perfect injury. Hamstring injuries linger. And just look at Adam Thielen. He missed a game, then tried to come back and missed the next two, and now on bye. I'm very worried about this injury. I know he was trying to come back last night but that's just the competitor in these football players.
  13. Yeah, he's like the Marisa Tomei of the gridiron.
  14. Singletary should be viewed as a RB3/Flex ROS. He has RB2 upside if things go right. I don't have any issue starting him in the flex weekly. People gripe way too much about him.
  15. I doubt it. I can't see an NFL team giving him a third chance though and I doubt that Goodell would even let him back in the league. If Kaep can't get back in the league, I don't see Mark Walton doing it. Some problems are worse than others, see Josh Gordon. He has gotten many chances because he's just had personal problems. But domestic violence is another ballgame. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but I don't see him returning. However, I just don't see jail in his future either based on the countless other cases where nobody has served time. People who had him as a keeper have some decisions to make.
  16. He won't be back. Talented guy that blew his shot with a couple of teams. When the Bungals and Dolphins get rid of you then it is over. This reminds me of Lawrence Phillips.
  17. Agreed. It was idiotic to abandon the run against KC. It was a close game and they were running well. Had they been getting stuffed, I could understand, but they weren't. No, let's throw it so Rivers can get picked off four times. That's "brilliance" at work right there!
  18. Forgot about Odell, but you are down on JuJu with a healthy Ben? I mean he may be old, but I think he'll be better. Diontae Johnson should be better too giving another option. I really think they should slot JuJu next year. I'd take a chance on him, of course not reaching like people did this year though.
  19. I'm not saying I'd take him there, just saying that's where I think he goes next year based on what I saw this year. I'd only take him after the 10th round. There should be healthier players where he gets taken and also decent rookies available to take a shot on before him.
  20. I mean, I'd take him in the late rounds. You'd have to be crazy not to. I bet he goes about 5/6 next year.
  21. Everyone is on my DND. I'm retiring. The random injuries kill the fun. Lost last night because I lost Hill. Guys get injured in the first few minutes of the first quarter way too often. Between Hill and Barkley this year, then Hill yesterday and Sanders the week before that, I am just done. Should barely make the playoffs but won't do much with half my wide receivers now injured. I also have Cooks. Who knows if he will even make it through a game this week or even play for that matter. If I did come back next year, I can't really say yet without knowing the teams and coaches. I agree though, nobody under Nagy. I'd stay away from most players on the Rams. No RB from the Bucs. Lev Bell if he's still with the Jets. All Cincy players. Anybody under Kingsbury except Kyler. SF backfield. So many...