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  1. From Luck's arm strength is the problem. TY is suffering because of it.
  2. I have Doug, Kenny G, and Shep. The only one I'm not starting is Doug. I'd go with Williams, Shep, and Golladay.
  3. He could, considering Kerryon Johnson broke out on them. Like you said though, coin flip. Personally, I would start Michel though if it were my team. For the flex I'd just take the chance. Lol, flip a coin. A lot of people are saying start Drake though, due to what happened with Kerryon.
  4. In the redzone Julio isn't separating like he used to in the past. That comes with his age. He still has the hops but Matt has not mastered the art of the lob yet either. He does overthrow Julio for some reason. Also, Julio has dropped some sure TDs that Matt putt in his bread basket. So, both players are to blame somewhat for lack of redzone productivity.
  5. Yeah, I was surprised with it being a divisional match-up too.
  6. Tough, but I'd take the chance on Michel. Drake really hasn't done much of anything.
  7. Thanks, I posted the same Tweet from the same beat writer both weeks. Media is only allowed certain limited access to practice. Fournette, according to these standards practiced fully both Fridays, per the same beat writer. You tried to say I didn't know what I was talking about. Both tweets came early morning. Even the one you posted, which you can see if you click on it and view the original source. I'm sorry you are offended.
  8. Sorry, my comment may have come across wrong. Didn't mean anything by it. I was just saying Joe said he's ready to go but he hasn't been cleared yet.
  9. Money well spent by the Falcons. They could have Gurley right now, but decided to go for Vic Beasley.
  10. The level of participation is based on what is open to the media. He fully participated in drills.The same as last week Friday. Yeldon did not participate in cutting drills last week.
  11. He was also limited Wednesday and Thursday of both weeks. So, it was the exact same situation. Sept 21 "According to Michael DiRocco of, Fournette (hamstring) "participated in every drill...during the media viewing portion of (Friday's) practice." It won't be clear how much work Fournette got in until after Friday's practice comes to a close, but he was able to get in at least some work for the third day in a row. Fournette's injury status for Week 3 will be revealed when the Jaguars release their final injury report of the week around noon ET." Sept 28 "Fournette (hamstring) took part in drills at Friday's practice, Daniel Popper of The Athletic reports. It won't be clear until after practice how much work Fournette was able to get in Friday, but it's a good sign that he was on the practice field for the third day in a row. He has put himself in position to return to action Sunday against the Jets, and the Jaguars' final injury report of the week will reveal his chances of doing so."
  12. It was as he had the same status. Full practice or not he was expected to go based on his history. Full practice has never meant anything with Fournette.
  13. This was already known because he wasn't cleared and didn't practice. If he fully practices next week I'd expect him to go.
  14. Well, it's valid. Last week it was the same situation and they chose to keep him out. "Despite being slapped with the questionable tag Friday, Fournette was always considered probable to suit up in the Jags' Week 3 division matchup against the Titans. There's still no word on backup T.J. Yeldon's (ankle, questionable) status. Jacksonville never eased Fournette in when he returned from injuries in the past and that approach shouldn't change Sunday. He'll be treated like a workhorse against the Titans' 26th-ranked rushing defense. He's Roto Pat's No. 15 RB."
  15. If he doesn't play this week, it is more than a Grade 1. He's on the longer end of recovery time for this type of injury. So, if he doesn't play Sunday, I will be very concerned that he has a tear. Since he fully participated and based on the talk last week, I think he is good to go. It is just frustrating though to get this "Questionable" news.
  16. In my lineup for now. I will just watch the news prior to kickoff. If he's not a go I have to turn to Michel. Hopefully Fournette does go on Sunday.
  17. It's good if you have an IR spot available. The only reason I don't have him is I have no room. He's one of the good guys in the league so I hope he can play and be productive. I just don't see him making it very long and I'd imagine his time on the field will be very limited. Fracturing the same surgically repaired foot, ouch!
  18. Firtz goes as long as he is hot and the team is winning. If they get into a position where the record put them out of the running for the playoffs he sits. If he goes cold for an extended period, like maybe 3 straight games, he's getting bench. They will ride Fitz as long as possible. However, whether Winston plays or not this year, Winston will be the QB next year. That's the rumors around Tampa anyways. Fitz will command some pretty good money in free agency for a backup just like Matt Schaub and Nick Foles. I doubt Tampa will keep him. Winston is on the team option next season then they need to decide to pay him a fat contract or not. If Fitz plays this entire season it will further complicate things. I don't see it happening as the Bucs have a terrible defense. It will be hard to sustain the winning, unless Fitz is magic every week. I'm talking Week 1 and 2 magic, not the off day he had against Pittsburgh. They have to be darn near perfect on offense to win.
  19. The offense has looked bad. Lockett only improves with a #1 target in the lineup. He obviously isn't the type of player you'd ever grade as a #1 WR.
  20. Mike Williams if Keenan Allen is out. If not, I'd go Boyd. Callaway is a wait and see guy. I would not start him this week.
  21. "Experts" seem to favor Ridley. I'm leaning Boyd right now, but it is a tough one.