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  1. I like this guy next year. I just don't think he's played enough to be impactful at this point. His window opened and then he got injured.
  2. Sutton. But I'd find a way to get both in my lineup.
  3. I think he's getting away with less OPI than in the past. That road crowd will call out the refs, so he can only get away with it with a little home cookin'.
  4. I totally forgot about Andrew Luck. Drafted August 18, then he retires six days later. 🤬💩
  5. Quite possible. For selfish reasons, I'm hoping for one of those 0/0/0 type of nights with a couple of targets. Usually in the games that they are running the ball more Coop gets force fed targets. Just from observation though. I wouldn't say I've fact-checked it or anything.
  6. I will see what he does this week on the bench, but I really like the Cleveland and Seattle matchups. I really think he will finish out strong.
  7. Yeas, that is true. He taped it up that game (final regular season game) and even played the next game in the postseason. That makes him even more badass. I was too young so I don't remember too much. That was always the story, I guess.
  8. I find my generation and those after to be less tolerant of pain than guys from Emmitt's generation. You even had Ronnie Lott too that cut off the tip off his finger so he could play the next week.
  9. Not really. If I had an open spot I'd pick up Chase Edmonds here and there. I didn't play him on the blowup week so it didn't help. I typically don't bother handcuffing unless they have some standalone flex value, like an Ekeler, Jamaal Williams, etc. If I had Zeke or Cook, I'd have handcuffed all season without hesitation. Those are high-end cuffs in good running offenses.
  10. Agreed. He's been a target hog four weeks in a row and capitalized every week.
  11. This feels like one of those unpredictable weeks. Chicago has been vulnerable against the run so there is that. Then Randall Cobb is always lurking. Matchups could funnel targets to Gallup, but we will just have to wait and see.
  12. It's a toss up for me. It would depend on league scoring.
  13. Uh, I don't know about that. Why can't you get both in there?
  14. End of days for Julio Jones. I admit it. Still a damn good receiver, just not the guy he used to be. Ridley, like Julio did to Roddy, will become #1 guy next year in his third season.
  15. That side by side is amazing. Look at how cut Carson is.
  16. Experts are saying Guice is in a smash spot so go with him. Even though it is 50/50 to me. I can't say I like either, but I'd probably roll the dice on Guice.