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  1. Well, he's got two more days to get over it so I think he will be out there. Luckily he plays the early time so people can adjust lineups if needed.
  2. He just won't go away. And before you say it...I own both.
  3. The king of garbage time statistics. It's amazing that for three quarters he was facing a bad night statistically. Then all of a sudden Dak starts force feeding him. It makes you wonder why the desperation isn't there early in the game?
  4. Or they’re both trash and the Cowboys are just a lot trashier.
  5. Mitch is 19% owned in Yahoo. So that means his great game is being wasted on waivers. 😂
  6. Bears scoring too quickly. I need them to burn clock.
  7. That’s what plastic surgery does to a person.
  8. It wasn’t even simultaneous. Robinson got all of that catch.
  9. I love how random dudes just show out during fantasy playoffs every year. Holtz?
  10. Picked at the 1 yard line. Classic Mitch.
  11. Take off the Trubisky mask to reveal Lamar Jackson.
  12. Don't know, that's why I picked up both. I'd only use them in the next three weeks if there was a catastrophe to my lineup.
  13. Yeah, I'm just hoping he is out by tomorrow. We really need LaFleur to be forced to give Jones 20-25 touches.
  14. This is quite the problem for those who intended to run both though.