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  1. It's a toss up for me. It would depend on league scoring.
  2. Uh, I don't know about that. Why can't you get both in there?
  3. End of days for Julio Jones. I admit it. Still a damn good receiver, just not the guy he used to be. Ridley, like Julio did to Roddy, will become #1 guy next year in his third season.
  4. That side by side is amazing. Look at how cut Carson is.
  5. Experts are saying Guice is in a smash spot so go with him. Even though it is 50/50 to me. I can't say I like either, but I'd probably roll the dice on Guice.
  6. He's been that way for the past couple of weeks. It is a minor hamstring issue (I know, oxymoron with hamstring and minor), I believe, unless it is something new. But it is only Wednesday so I wouldn't be too worried about it. If you see a fantasy team without a bunch of questionable tags on a Wednesday, this late in the season, then they are very lucky and I want to take them with me to Vegas.
  7. Who are in the first wave? I've heard this before when Vick came into the league. Russell Wilson has to be a part of the wave and he's the elder of it. Deshaun, Mahomes, Josh Allen, Dak to a lesser extent? Maybe Kyler Murray if he keeps progressing? They were saying on the last broadcast a comparison to Barry Sanders, which was pretty ridiculous. His moves were no different than I saw from Vick. He revolutionized the position. I am still impressed more by what a healthy Mahomes is able to do over what Lamar Jackson is doing right now. Maybe once he drops the arm band I'll change my opinion.
  8. I'm not. I'm going with the guys that got me there and Chark is one of them. No ragrets about starting this stud.
  9. Bungals don't tank. This is their natural state.
  10. I think he's fine, just not in that offense. If I were him I'd just keep showing up to collect on that fat contract. Arizona has to pay him a lot regardless if he's cut. But if they aren't going to use him, just let him go.
  11. LOL, Rivera got fired first.
  12. I mean that's true but they had Shady, Darrel, and Darwin too. So cancel Darrel, Shady stays the same, move up Darwin, move up Elijah, then put Ware in there behind him. That's your new foursome.
  13. I have a very juicy playoff schedule. at Jets at Giants vs Bengals
  14. If they only have Shady and Darwin, it is just good practice to bring in a third guy for the depth chart. Some teams do carry just two RBs, like Dallas, I believe. But this just shows me that Mr. Kool-Aid isn't confident with just Darwin backing Shady up.
  15. Apparently, Guice got Rivera fired. 😂 Maybe he should be hired by the Redskins. I think it would actually be a great hire for them. And Guice would probably be a beast next season.
  16. I can’t let a good wtf moment go to waste.
  17. Need to start giving points for PI yards. So many players get robbed.