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  1. Rivers 20, Jackson 17.5, Butker 4... Williams 30, Keenan 0 FML ciya next season
  2. It’s ugly but he’s getting opportunities. Let’s go!!! I like his quickness. Keenan in tent FML
  3. Have Conner, Samuels, J.Jackson and Damien Williams. Think I have to choose Jackson over Williams today. Leave other RB spot open for Conner IF plays this weekend. Plugin Samuels if he doesn't. Go JJ! Also have Rivers, Allen and Butker going. Almost half my squad.
  4. I have them ranked very closely. Mack hasn't been exciting lately, but Indy will need production from him to open up passing game. I lean Williams.
  5. The attrition of team due to injuries is maddening: Conner, Ekeler, Ware... PFF has Jackson as RB12: I think I am going to go with JJ (with no Gordon) and Samuels (with no Conner)as my RB's this week, but I'll be waffling on Damien Williams as an option all afternoon.
  6. Going with the following lineup in PPR: QB Rivers RB/RB Samuel vs NE, Jackson at KC (Conner, D.Williams, Ware, Ekeler, Adams) WR/WR/FLEX Jones, Allen, Cooks TE Ertz DEF Ten (NO, NYG, WASH) K Butker IDP Wagner My opponent is pretty solid: Brees, Hilton, Beckham, McCaffrey, Chubb, Cohen, McDonald, K/DEF/IDP Maher, CHI, Mack Unless Conner plays, Steelers' and Chargers' next man up at RB will make or break my week! Feel good about the rest of my team with the exception of the unpredictable Titans. Maybe NYG or NO would be a better play?
  7. Bye this week. Added Ware, Ekeler, Smith and Samuels to my roster recently.
  8. Have Ekeler in PPR and a bye in Week 14, so won’t be playing Jackson or Ekeler this week. Potential though unlikely opponent in week 16 has Gordon. Week 15: Gordon likely back, last I heard. Ekeler/Jackson (Jackson is on waivers) not worth much to me? Also have Conner/Samuels, Ware and Adams.
  9. As it stands, with one game yet to be played, he's the week 13 RB8 in PPR with 13.2 pts. But only 4 backs topped 15 FPs through Sunday: Conner (22, didn't finish game), Chase Edmonds, Jelf Wilson Jr and Justin Jackson.
  10. Ekeler at PIT or Ware at OAK? Got Conner going, Adams injured, and Ware and Ekeler pretty closely ranked here.
  11. i'm trying to settle on a play for this week: TEN v Jets or GB vs AZ
  12. Have TEN(10,7,-4,3), but wondering if the following might be better options this week: GB vs ARI (1,14,5,2) last four weeks FPs MIA v BUF (-4,25,5,7) SEA vs SF, (3,-2,5,2) ugh but that's their points in my league thoughts? The Bears average 17 points over the last 4 ;-0 (28,12,15,13) jesus
  13. Come on, man. He's like 24-48 with almost as many INTs as TDs. With stats like those, they're bound to turn it around eventually.