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  1. I’ve been mostly benching him this year... but... “The Titans have quieted most receivers this season except for those on Williams’ primary side (where they’ve ceded the sixth-most fantasy points), and he should see a lot of Malcolm Butler on Sunday. Few players are due for more regression than Williams, who, after recording 10 scores on just 66 looks as a rookie, somehow has zero TDs this year despite being tied for the second-most targets inside the 5-yard line and ranking top-12 in air yards (no other receiver in the top-25 is without a score this year). Williams is due to explode, and you’ll want him in your lineup when he does.”
  2. Rolling with Jags this week. They haven’t put up big numbers yet but I’m hoping they can exploit Cincy.
  3. Have similar options and am starting Jones. Cousins my second option.
  4. Also holding Rivers and close to dropping him. It’s an 8-teamer that gives bonuses for long and rushing TD’s and I lost Luck in preseason. Minshew faces the fantasy-friendly Bengals who are down their top 2 CB’s and top edge rusher. Cousins @ Lions, who aren’t particularly daunting for fantasy QBs. Detroit D certainly ain’t great—it is giving up 280 yards to passers (130 rushing) this season. Also, Cousins threw for 250/3 last year at Lions.
  5. Your playing him over (list of injured players)? Wow.
  6. After going back and forth between replacements I think I may give Winston the nod. Thanks for the input. Seems like most experts give him the best chance of throwing up a good game, though obviously he could fail and the others do okay. Now I just have to decide if I want one of these other guys on my bench for backup/matchup based use. Rivers maybe the safest based on his history though he seems to be struggling this year.
  7. Rivers, Garoppolo, Dalton, Kyle Allen?
  8. Conner vs Chargers, Williams vs Houston flex PPR
  9. I like Brown’s chances better in all formats if gurley is out. Own brown and juju (juju in standard, only, sadly).
  10. I’m going to do it. Gordon-Edelman battle. Lol
  11. But on the other hand wtf is he on my roster if I can’t okay him against the Giants? ffs
  12. For comparison, in standard league that gives bonuses for scoring plays I have to pick two of: Juju Gordon Fitz Ekeler Breida Coleman I think you can leave him on bench for Godwin Lockett Edelman. Im tempted to leave him on my bench, too. But as you can see some of my other starters aren’t exactly reliable either right now. I’m playing against Edelman not sure if that should factor in to MY decision.
  13. Gordon is WR50 in that league with his best showing in Week 1, his 16 points that week good for WR17.
  14. I'm in a standard which rewards long scores and have been playing this game with Gordon Fitz JuJu and BMW. I think Gordon is a good call. Better upside.
  15. Green/Boyd owner. Also have Dalton as a backup. Week 7 sounds good for a Green return. Using up valuable bench space. Trying to imagine a week where I rollout all three of them, thinking I have too many pieces of this offense. Dalton’s yardage has been decreasing since Week 1 and he’s been sacked 18 times (8x on Monday). They’ve been outscored 62-30 in first half. 10 giveaways (league worst). 30 penalties. Now Ross gone. Boost for Boyd and maybe Tate. Be interesting to see how they fare against the Cards this week.