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  1. Dropped Damien yesterday without hesitation and picked up Darrel. If Darrel plays and is successful it golden, if not oh well on the the next waiver wire wonder. Damien looked like crap the 1st 2 weeks so no big loss. Keep grinding fellas, don’t let this cat ruin your season.
  2. Would you drop any of the following for Samuels or Wilson M. Mack - worried about the timeshare J. Adams - Thinking Sproles might take away some touches My other RB’s are - A. Jones, D. Cook, S. Michel, C. Carson
  3. Need to choose 1 to pickup on waivers. Thoughts? Thanks
  4. Can’t use Cook or Michel this week so its down to one of these guys. What’s your opinions?
  5. Who is the better pickup in standard league?
  6. Have him & Bailey. Bailey has been a good fill in. Who should I drop?
  7. I am contemplating the same thing or would you drop Enunwa for Williams?
  8. Conner is due for another big game this week. Lions have a lot of mouths to feed
  9. Hunt & gio with michel a close 3rd
  10. I’d say Sony but if he don’t start catching the dump off’s he won’t be on the field long. I hope he does because I picked him up off waivers and inserted him this week.
  11. I would say Williams. Have Cooper & Baldwin but don’t trust either this week.
  12. Have Hyde and can’t wait to see what he can do with Baker quarterbacking. If passing game is strong should open up the running game.
  13. Need to keep 2 of the 3 Drake Michal A. Jones who gets dropped?