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  1. Flacco is just flat out terrible tonight...
  2. I know it depends on what other receivers you're working with, but is he really worth holding over others you might have a shot at on the WW like Marquise Brown, John Ross, Crowder, AJ Brown?? The zero targets is what is really concerning. MVS seems to be the clear number #2, and Jimmy Graham seems like he will be targeted heavily.
  3. Tough one, but I think Pettis has potential for more upside until we get a first look at these offenses. I would hold off...
  4. Strongly considering this, but need some reassurance....
  5. He had no business being on the field tonight... That was the worst passing I've ever seen from a professional QB.
  6. I'm so pissed. Lost by 6.3 points. I've scored more points than anyone in my league this season, and it is not even close.... Next closest point leader is 80 pts behind.... I've gotten nearly everyones best game all season long - 3rd highest PA in the league..... I have freak injuries to end the season (Sanders > Melvin > OBJ).... Burkhead comes back and ruins Sony... My opponent picks up the Falcons D just before kickoff Sunday.... JuJu has a TD ripped out of his hands that would have sealed the deal.... I have a 10.5 point lead headed into tonight... My opponent has Kamara & Ian Thomas...I have no choice but to play DJ Moore & Curtis Samuel.... . Moore has that awful fumble..... Cam Newton literally can't throw a football.... I've scored 252 more points than my opponent this season.... He wins.... Our leagues pot is some serious coin.... Just horrible luck to end the season. At least I can compete next week to get my money back. Uggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh
  7. Injuries have forced me to rely on Samuel & Moore tonight... I'm thinking Samuel should have a pretty solid floor if Cam's shoulder prevents him from wanting to go deep. Please come up big and lead us to glory!
  8. Crazy freak injury ala Alex Smith? I hope he plays, and think it would show good leadership to his team if he is there with them to close out the season.
  9. I was thinking it was safe to assume he was done for the season... Not sure why the Giants should risk bringing him back for games that mean nothing. It will be painful to have to hang in limbo for his status all week, if I'm fortunate enough to make it to my championship game.
  10. Ahead by 10.5 in half ppr. I have Curtis Samuel & DJ Moore left to go, and he has Alvin Kamara & Ian Thomas.... I'm sweating hard. Still feeling the gut punch of JuJu having that TD ripped out of his hands.
  11. The weather in San Francisco has me concerned... I had planned to start Wilson, but now thinking I may roll with Trubisky. What would you do?
  12. Good point on at least we know now... Also in the camp of being a OBJ, Melvin & Manny Sanders owner, and these freak injuries are getting really old. Hope he's ready to roll next week, although reaching the 'ship just got a lot tougher.
  13. Could have been so much more, but considering the situation... we'll take it